Traducción de double star en Español:

double star

doble estrella, n.


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    doble estrella femenino
    • A double star cluster in a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way is pictured above.
    • For instance, you can activate constellation lines, labels, define the types of objects you would like to see (galaxies, open clusters, double stars, etc.) or the minimum display brightness for these objects.
    • About half of the stars we see in the heavens are double stars, probably making them unsuitable for intelligent life, but the remaining half probably have solar systems somewhat similar to ours.
    • Six years later he was awarded a doctorate for a thesis which studied double stars, in particular studying their orbits.
    • In fact, if you look at it through a small telescope you'll see that it's actually a double star system.
    • El Nath is a double star, brilliant white and pale grey, situated on the tip of the northern horn.
    • More than 20 000 double stars have been catalogued.
    • In this programme he tells the story of the bear, and its smaller companion, Ursa Minor, and shows that even in these simple constellations there are interesting objects such as double stars, nebulae and galaxies to be seen.
    • In the first part of his career he made observations of double stars, observed planets and comets and did research in geometry.
    • He deduced from these results a mechanism whereby the rotating mass can split into two, giving a model for double star formation.
    • William discovered over 800 double stars and showed that many of them revolve around each other.
    • This gets lots of oohs and aahs, since most people have never seen, or rather never noticed, a double star before.
    • Binary stars, also called double stars, are composed of two stars that orbit around a common center of mass.
    • Throughout the 1800s, Newton's law of gravitation was applied with increasing precision to the observed orbits of planets and double stars.
    • His first major publication in astronomy was a catalogue of double stars which he published in the Transactions of the Royal Society in 1824 and for which he received honours.
    • This process continuously changes the chemical makeup of successive generations of stars and may also change the relative numbers of very massive stars and double stars.
    • After discovering moons around Saturn and Uranus, Herschel turned his attention from the planets to the stars, and drew up a catalogue of double stars that he showed were orbiting pairs.
    • Presented by the Montreal chapter of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, the event will feature a talk and a chance to peak, via telescope, at double stars, nebulae and the like.
    • Another example has to do with the two stars that make up a double star.
    • He wrote on the rotation of magnets, applied the laws of gravity to determine the orbits of double stars in close orbit round each other, and studied the intensity of magnetism through an electrical discharge.