Traducción de double vision en Español:

double vision

doble visión, n.



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    doble visión femenino
    diplopía femenino
    • Within minutes, the young man developed general weakness, had difficulty breathing, and showed the classic neurotoxic symptoms of double vision, facial twitches, and an inability to swallow or talk.
    • Because using both eyes in the presence of squint/refractive error would cause significant eye-strain and double vision, the brain ignores the image from the squinting eye, resulting in amblyopia.
    • Dr. Holmes explained the problem as double vision.
    • To avoid double vision, the brain only ‘sees’ images from the normal eye.
    • This can lead to changes in eyesight including double vision as well as eye discomfort and watering.
    • Apart from the major risks of infection, there are a significant number of people with dry eyes, double vision or who see halos around lights.
    • She reported that when she first saw him he had occasional double vision, mild photophobia and tenderness below the left eye.
    • Common symptoms are pain, an oppressive feeling behind the eye, a gritty sensation in the eye, double vision, and photophobia.
    • I had double vision for a while, so I was running around with one eye shut.
    • One American clinical trial suggested that as many as four out of 10 people who have the jabs can suffer side effects including headaches, nausea, double vision, bruising, drooping of the eyebrow or paralysis in the face.
    • That incident not only required emergency eye surgery, but several weeks in a darkened room, and several months with double vision before it spontaneously righted itself.
    • Now, he says he feels ‘pretty much back to normal, bothered only by occasional bouts of double vision.’
    • And the 40-year-old today admitted he would never be able to return to work as a stonemason as he now suffered from double vision.
    • The fact that I am sitting here trying to type whilst having double vision for the second night in a row is besides the point.
    • The skipper tried to carry on but eventually wandered out of the action complaining about double vision.
    • When someone drinks between 12 and 13 units in one sitting the effect can lead to staggering, double vision and memory loss.
    • Older drivers lose some of their depth perception and fatigue can lead to double vision in some people.
    • Many adults with strabismus experience double vision or other visual symptoms.
    • A famous eye surgeon who has treated rock stars and models has paid out more than £23,000 to a woman who said she had double vision after surgery at his clinic.
    • I had double vision for two months and had to sit out the rest of the season.