Traducción de douche en Español:


irrigación vaginal, n.

Pronunciación /duʃ//duːʃ/


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    (jet of liquid)
    irrigación vaginal femenino
    ducha vaginal femenino
    • In the end, the douche circulatoire turned out to be the kind of thing the fishmonger does to a fish, without all the messy gutting and filleting.
    • He or she also asks the patient to use a povidone-iodine douche the morning of surgery, in an effort to reduce the possibility of infection.
    • Hoping the heritage of the Massengill name will be strong enough to hold its own against deep-pocketed new-corners, SmithKline Beecham this spring will introduce extensions to its feminine hygiene line best known for douches.
    • But this douche au jet - apparently guaranteed to firm up my epidermis and get rid of nasty toxins - is, in retrospect at least, tremendously exhilarating.
    • It is even used as a douche and topically for treating fungal infections and soothing stings.
    • She had scrubbed between her legs and used such harsh douches that she was raw.
    • Other treatments included massages with hot fomentations and salt glows; electric light cabinet for patients with pleurisy and obesity; infra ray lamp treatments; and sitz baths, perineal douches, and hot and cold compresses.
    • I was inspected naked and given a 10-gallon douche with one nurse and two guards standing around joking.
    • One of the most invigorating treatments is the grande douche, which involves another pressurised hose.
    • All of the patients bathe endlessly, both inside and out, with salt baths, steam baths, showers, douches, and a high-powered enema machine, with the belief that cleansing the body would somehow cleanse the race.
    • Some practitioners recommend using a probiotic supplement added to lukewarm water as a douche for yeast infections.
    • A vinegar and water douche is substituted for patients who are sensitive to iodine.
    • They use it topically, they use it as mouthwash, enema and douche and they get some pretty amazing results with a Sheep Sorrel decoction alongside the four herbs.
    • Half a tin of that and you would need another douche circulatoire to jolt your arteries open.
    • The leaves and flowers can be made into a tea and used as a douche for trichomonas.
    • The hosing down is followed by a douche abdominale, which is more of the same but lying down, after which I luxuriate in a stimulating bain hydromassant before being wrapped in hot seaweed for soothing, therapeutic algothérapie.
    • Many doctors recoil at the thought of a yogurt douche, but none can object to women eating yogurt.
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    irrigador vaginal masculino
    • Pelvic rest, which includes abstinence from intercourse and avoiding the use of tampons or douches, is advised for one week.
    • Two major brands of douches were used by 87 percent of the women, and the odds ratios relating each brand to bacterial vaginosis or change in vaginal flora were similar for each brand.
    • Female hygiene products such as douches, perfumed sanitary napkins, frequent bubble baths, synthetic undergarments, which trap moisture, must be avoided.
    • Women were also excluded if they reported use of diaphragms, douches or spermicides.
    • Egyptian papyri describe pessaries and vaginal douches, which could have been effective.
    • Antibacterial vaginal douches, spermicides, and certain oral antibiotics may cause changes in vaginal bacteria.
    • Early prophylactic recommendations for nonoccupational HIV exposure included the use of vinegar douches and nonoxynol - 9.
    • The chemicals in vaginal douches may irritate your vagina and change the normal balance of good bacteria.
    • You might be sensitive to chemicals in certain products, such as douches, soaps, scented toilet paper, personal lubricants, or contraceptives like foams, sponges, and the sperm killer nonoxynol - 9.
    • Irritation can be caused by douches, vaginal sprays, contraceptives, tampons and pads, soap, or detergent and fabric softeners.
    • Though I usually warn women to stay away from commercial douches, we both think a mild vinegar douche afterwards may not be such a bad idea.
    • Perhaps you've also heard of feminine deodorant sprays and perfumed douches.
    • There were creams, and douches, and nail polish, and thousands of different types of makeup.
    • If you knew how some of these tampons and douches were made, you'd find these ads even more absurd.
    • For instance, they listed among the contents of her suitcase (which she kept at the Waldorf hotel for rendezvous there) both condoms and douches.
    • Typically, a douche has a plastic applicator to insert into the vagina for washing purposes.
    • She proudly showed off the condoms, lubricant and standard paraphernalia before producing ‘the most important thing’ - a vaginal douche.
    • Vaginitis should not be treated with douches or deodorant sprays.

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