Traducción de dovetail en Español:


cola de milano, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdəvˌteɪl//ˈdʌvteɪl/


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    cola de milano femenino
    • I purposely undersized my dovetail tenons slightly, to make the raising go well.
  • 2also dovetail joint

    ensambladura a cola de milano femenino
    cola de milano femenino
    • These include drawers with dovetails, chest sides rabbeted to receive front drawer supports, and the use of significantly thinner stock for drawer sides and bottoms.
    • On the Remington, a dovetail was cut forward of the cylinder on the frame.
    • When used with specially designed jigs, fixed-base routers are great for cutting dovetails.
    • Wood drawers with dovetail joints, which are standard with Kraftmaid, are stronger than the particleboard drawers with stapled joints that are standard on lower-priced stock cabinets.
    • This idea, of course, didn't last because the tip of the screwdriver broke at the dovetail.
    • The front sight sat up out of its dovetail notch with light visible between it and the slide.
    • It too uses a standard dovetail and it's a single piece of CNC metal.
    • The router is used to cut contours in wood for edgings and moldings or for more complex relief panels and inlay work, dovetails, and mortises.
    • The dovetails at both front and back of the new drawers have to match the original joints.
    • A notch in the rear dovetail provides additional security against ring movement.
    • At first glance the introduction of lapped dovetails for veneered furniture is curious because it entails more work for no perceptible advantage.
    • There are two main types - the mortise and tenon, and the dovetail.
    • The barrel is heavily tapered to further reduce weight and is fitted with a dovetail front sight set in an integral base.
    • Cabinets with solid wood and dovetails are beautiful, if pricey, and with a good clear seal, they're just as cleanable as any synthetic, she says.
    • We might get kindergarten teachers capable of shaping a decent dovetail joint, which the Billabong's carpenter cannot manage.
    • The joints would all be familiar to a carpenter - mortise and tenons, dovetails and wedges - but this was the traditional way in which iron structures were joined at the time.
    • He favors mortise-and-tenon joinery for his casework, frame-and-panel door construction, and dovetails at the front and back of each drawer.

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    to dovetail into/with sth encajar en/con algo