Traducción de downfall en Español:


perdición, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdaʊnfɔːl//ˈdaʊnˌfɔl/


  • 1

    (of person) perdición femenino
    (of person) ruina femenino
    (of industry) derrumbamiento masculino
    (of hopes, plans) desmoronamiento masculino
    (of king, dictator) caída femenino
    gambling was his downfall el juego fue su perdición / ruina
    • These are also a reason of the downfall of the industry.
    • One of the downfalls of [CorporateConnect] was that it was all Web based.
    • Seizure of both the northern and southern oilfields will inevitably, the thinking is said to go, lead to the downfall of him.
    • Ironically, it is the emphasis Dutch governments have placed on multiculturalism that has helped lead to its inevitable downfall.
    • What could she do to prevent their downfall when the power to change things always seemed to be in someone else's hands?
    • Famed as a colourful cultural melting pot, the qualities that blessed New Orleans with its unique character also served as a curse that led to its downfall.
    • Although he has made it clear he will not regard the motion as binding, such a defeat would be immensely damaging and could even lead to his downfall.
    • In the realm of the tragic hero there is always a fatal flaw in his personality that causes or precipitates his downfall.
    • However, the visual sensitivity of the area proved the ultimate downfall of the application.
    • The constant friction with his superiors probably hastened his downfall.
    • Huge exposure to guaranteed annuities was the main reason for the downfall of discredited insurer Equitable Life, as it had not kept enough reserves to pay them.
    • I think the WWE's heavy reliance on predictable storylines and HHH will be its downfall.
    • In 1999, a dioxin scare led to the downfall of the Belgian Government.
    • But it led to the downfall of several ministers involved in extra-marital relationships.
    • There seems no doubt that when public opinion turns against Eriksson, his disregard for histrionics will be cited as the chief reason for his downfall.
    • Perhaps it was his inability to sell the Agreement to the average unionist led to the downfall of this clever but rather charmless and now isolated figure.
    • But there is one other sticky point that could very easily lead to his downfall.
    • It was widely rumored on Tuesday that his alleged wrongdoing and poor damage control would cause his downfall.
    • However their short-sightedness will ultimately cause their own downfall.
    • I worry that reality television will be the ultimate downfall of society altogether.
    • With the dust now settled on him, he muses that this push for the local may, ironically, have precipitated its downfall.
    • It was previously announced that a decline in channel sales, as well as in site licences for large accounts, was the main reason for the downfall.
    • She cannot help but wonder whether one of her greatest strengths ultimately proved her downfall.
    • He describes her feeling of utter betrayal at the circumstances that led to her downfall.
    • But it was standing a bad debt for a friend that proved his downfall.
    • That led to the downfall of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International.
    • The downfall of the ILM was first and foremost the failure of its leadership - at all levels, in all affiliated organisations.
    • However, some films failed to find their mark, leading to the downfall of companies such as FilmFour Productions and Granada Films.
    • The edge he plays with can lead to his downfall if he takes undisciplined penalties.
    • It may not lead to the downfall of the state, but then neither did the eight-hour day campaigns that are its inspiration.
    • They are three sisters who trick Macbeth into believing that he is invincible, which leads to his downfall.
    • The combined forces of Harold and Tostig drove Gruffydd back into Wales, and in 1063 caused his downfall and death.
    • But the high costs associated with holidaying in the republic are also thought to be a significant reason for the downfall.
    • It was this merger of Malchut and Mochiach that eventually led to the downfall of the empire.
    • He didn't need it, and it led to his ultimate downfall.
    • His attempts at reform ultimately led to his downfall, and he has lived in exile in Italy since 1973.
    • It was this that would eventually lead to his downfall.
    • The lady has convinced herself (but no one else) that she precipitated the downfall of him.
    • The couple raked in millions of dollars but the credit card charges that made their fortune also led to their downfall.
    • The film's tameness is undoubtedly its downfall.