Traducción de downwind en Español:


Pronunciación /daʊnˈwɪnd//daʊnˈwɪnd/


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    en la dirección del viento
    we live downwind of the factory donde vivimos, con el viento nos llegan los humos de la fábrica
    • And so in Tasmania we have no significant detriment in the downwind direction.
    • But we were on the weather side and the rocks and ashes had been blowing downwind and we weren't on that side of the volcano.
    • Day 1 was stormy, rain cells dumping near launch and downwind, north winds aloft.
    • For example, emissions of sulphur dioxide by one state will be carried by winds and deposited as acid rain on downwind countries.
    • My older sister was once hospitalized after walking downwind of a brush fire in an area where poison ivy grew.
    • The downwardly curved petiole twists away from the wind, so its ventral surface points downwind.
    • The winds were out of the south southeast, and I wanted to go downwind.
    • With erosion on the windward slope and deposition in the lee, the dune body moves in a downwind direction.
    • The fumes wend their way downwind for a week or more, whichever direction the wind is heading.
    • If you are downwind when the whales blow, there is no mistaking the content of their gargantuan diet.
    • We even skip the 2:15 start time given our ability to stay put and not get blown downwind.
    • We were playing downwind and I was trying to peg them back as far as I could.
    • Using two tanks will give you a range of around 100 miles in nil wind or much more if you fly downwind.
    • By then, children and others living in downwind areas were beginning to develop leukemia.
    • If you're caught downwind from a blast, take measures to prevent radioactive dust particles entering your body.
    • Dropping a float light to determine wind direction, we made one pass over the raft downwind.
    • Such as the 100,000 people who were directly downwind of Nevada's fallout.
    • As I finished each of the major rooms I took the vacuum out to empty straight into the trash and gave the dusters a jolly good shake downwind.
    • I can drift downwind and still stay away from the Laredo airspace.
    • The clouds were streeting up as the wind was strong and we just had to go downwind to get to goal.