Traducción de dozy en Español:


amodorrado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdoʊzi//ˈdəʊzi/

adjetivodoziest, dozier

  • 1

    • And there she remained, moaning quietly, until late the following morning when her dozy brood managed to stagger out of bed to ask what was for breakfast.
    • I've given her a light sedative, she'll be dozy and will hopefully sleep through the night
    • So, perhaps staying up so late last night to get the tax done wasn't such a good idea after all, as it left me dozy all day today - the last day of the issue when there were more pages to read then ever.
    • Some motorway blackspots are known as ‘the sleepy corridor’ and ‘the nod-off zone’ by traffic police who have to clear up the carnage caused by dozy drivers.
    • A Brain scientist has teamed up with electronics wizards to design a system for giving dozy drivers a wake-up call.
    • With Graham off in Wales, searching out estate and letting agents and looking at house details, Harry and Dolly and I have had a completely shameless, dozy day.
    • It's not a particularly desirable place now unless you really want to hide-away in dozy and thoroughly low-key French Caribbean style.
    • After a few dozy miles, road-roar broke the peace.
    • Life proceeds at a dozy Caribbean pace: an occasional dog, dozing, will cock an eyebrow as you go by, then let out a long breath and doze off again.
    • She almost hit the sheets again in her dozy stupor, but then Julia bounded in, hopping with the energy you'd expect from a hyper seven-year old.
    • A normally terminally dozy island, it has a buzz about it.
    • If I were working in an office today, I'd be full of good intentions and dozy distraction.
    • But there will be plenty of lighter fare for dozy afternoons.
    • Halfway through I felt dozy, so I hit the drive-through at Starbucks.
    • Now you're ready for some dozy, late-afternoon slacking.
    • Then the sun fell asleep beneath a rug of dozy cloud.
    • The audience listened intently, strolled among the plants, watched the dozy fish, sipped tea, snoozed, read books: it was quite magical.
    • Despite what one would think even though Jamie was so incredibly sleepy, sluggish, drowsy, and dozy, he didn't seem to mind.
    • I said there was no point, I was on morphine, drugged up and dozy in the hospital.
    • I don't recall all that much about the climb - we were dozy with sleep, midges feasted off us and rain and low cloud completely obscured the views.
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    a dozy village un pueblecito dormido
  • 3Britanico coloquial

    abombado América Latina coloquial
    • If the dozy mare who sits in the booth by the ticket barrier looked up from reading her Metro occasionally, like when yet another teenager is escaping through the luggage gate without paying, we wouldn't need half as many cameras.
    • The dozy pair believed her - and ran off empty-handed.
    • All in all it was a fraught weekend and a salutary lesson always to keep your dog on the lead for its own protection against ‘trained’ attack dogs and their dozy owners.
    • The dozy woman had screwed the network card to the back panel on the PC but didn't plug it into the motherboard as she said she had.
    • The press, dozy as ever, would have missed the story en masse.