Traducción de drawing en Español:


dibujo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdrɔː(r)ɪŋ//ˈdrɔɪŋ/


  • 1

    (technique, sketch)
    dibujo masculino
    pencil/ink drawing dibujo a lápiz/a tinta
    • to do / make a drawing of sb/sth hacer un dibujo de algn/algo
    • before noun drawing paper papel de dibujo
    • drawing pen tiralíneas
    • In this exhibition, her first ever, she has combined her love of drawing and painting with her fascination for fabric and colours.
    • Her work is about illustrating, yes, but also about the art of drawing - mark-making - in which she achieves great finesse.
    • He left school at the age of fourteen, and worked as a clerk at the Henley Telegraph Company and took evening lessons in draughtsmanship and drawing at the University of London.
    • I loved his desk because it was covered in gel pens and big markers, and there was a big cork board to pin your drawings on.
    • Of course, drawing is central to art as a core value.
    • In some cases, the status of the paintings and drawings has not yet been fully resolved.
    • Several of the drawings were laced together with shoestrings in primitive book form.
    • The drawings that once illustrated these stories have been scattered across the world.
    • Nonetheless, there are still drawings even Clayton has not seen, so vast is the collection.
    • For instance, the vacation classes that were conducted in drawing and painting will now be a regular feature at the library.
    • Paul Lucas creates his surrealistic images using a combination of sculpture, photography, drawing and collage.
    • I don't know if you remember the bar in Japan where film directors make little drawings?
    • Classes in sculpture, painting and drawing will also be available.
    • The Stockholm picture and one of the drawings show a woman searching for fleas.
    • As a child I loved drawing and painting from an early age.
    • The marriage of the three arts of drawing, music, and poetry will unite Australian artist and poet Kay Frances with a cast of Bulgarian musicians and a poet.
    • The gallery will give one artist working in the media of painting, print, sculpture, drawing or photography, a chance to mount a solo show.
    • Beth was careful to explain to parents that writing and drawing were optional activities, but that she would be eager to see what children chose to do with the journals.
    • Based on Rowe's extensive work in the refugee camps of Palestine, the workshop explores the use of dance, drama, music and drawing to activate community social growth.
    • A painting or drawing is judged a fake when it has been discovered to be not by the artist to whom it had been attributed.
    • In a traditional sense, Australian artist Gemma Smith's Untitled is a classic of conceptual drawing.
    • He was also respected as a connoisseur of old masters, a collector of drawings, and a dealer and agent.
    • This talented 26-year-old submitted three paintings and one drawing, all of which were accepted.
    • For him, sculpture and drawing are the different manifestations of the same thought process.
    • One of the earliest drawings of a female skeleton was done by William Cheselden in 1733.
    • His words did not clarify his drawings and his drawings did not simply illustrate his words.
    • With a good mix of video and sound pieces, conceptualism and painting and drawing, it has been cleverly hung to create rhythmic variety and telling counterpoints.
    • But what made us laugh the most were the drawings of the man with a funny beard.
    • She asked if I still enjoyed drawing and painting.
    • This year the Summer Exhibition will include some unexpected kinds of drawings.
    • There is a photographic quality to these drawings, both intended and critical.
    • It was in essence an animated version of the drawings in the scroll paintings.
    • It features the diverse range of work and medium practiced by these artists including painting, sculpture, photography and drawing.
    • Over the next two years he drew in a frenzy, creating more than 100 pastel drawings.
    • Original photographs or drawings are the obvious source of this information.
    • Morris is a prolific poet, producing books full of verses illustrated with his drawings.
    • They will capture as many images as possible using digital cameras and traditional techniques of painting and drawing, and will take part in a land art project using flotsam and driftwood.
    • Holding up one of her drawings, she points out the basic elements of the composition.
    • The display runs until Sunday, showcasing the work of pupils from 10 of the borough's secondary schools, and including drawing, sculpture and photography.
    • An exhibition of painting and drawing is ongoing from 1st May, free except on the 15th May.