Traducción de dream en Español:


sueño, n.

Pronunciación /driːm//drim/


  • 1

    • 1.1(while sleeping)

      sueño masculino
      to have a dream about sth/sb soñar con algo/algn
      • a bad dream una pesadilla
      • sweet dreams! ¡que duermas bien!
      • Last night as I slept I dreamed everyday dreams - I can't even remember now what they were.
      • She tried to tell herself it was nothing but a dream, but the images kept flashing up in her mind.
      • Soon after, I fell into a peaceful sleep filled with pleasant dreams.
      • In her sleep, Sara stirred as uneasy dreams flickered across her mind.
      • He had been happily sleeping without any dreams, without any images, just pitch blackness.
      • The images from her dream floated about her mind and she knew she wouldn't sleep for a long while.
      • Aiden sat up abruptly, breathing somewhat heavily as he shook the last images of his dream out of his mind, but to no avail.
      • Have you ever endured one of those nights when you're so restless that you can't tell whether the images darting through your mind are dreams or reality?
      • They all sank to the floor beginning their faze of sleep, dreams appearing in the minds of all but one.
      • Eventually, he drifted off to sleep, dreaming dreams of blood and agony.
      • They just vanish, like a trance, or a deep sleep with no dreams.
      • When he finally did get to sleep, dreams kept his mind in a constant state of turmoil.
      • And, for the first time in the last thirteen years, he does sleep, without any dreams, or nightmares, to wake him up.
      • Exhausted from her journey, she fell into a fitful sleep, filled with dreams of her family.
      • A few minutes later she fell into a restless sleep, filled with dreams of Geoff.
      • Vishnu, the God, sleeps, and the activity of his mind stuff creates dreams, and we are all his dream: the world is Vishnu's dream.
      • Images of my dream from the night before flash through my mind.
      • When she did sleep, her dreams were plagued with images of the Prince, fears of what he could - and probably would - do to her.
      • The next few days passed in a haze of fever dreams; images of battles, the faces of people who had died.
      • The alarm has been inserted nicely into my dream so that my sleep can continue uninterrupted.

    • 1.2(daydream)

      sueño masculino
      ensueño masculino
      she felt as if she were in a dream le parecía estar soñando (despierta)
      • he goes around in a dream vive en las nubes
      • Everyone here is a wisp of a person, broken down by time, unrealistic dreams, or their own personal TKO's.
      • I've spent the last quarter of my life pursuing the pipe dream of fame.
      • But this turned out to be an American pipe dream.
      • It made me think of the most un-realistic dreams and hopes that I had.
      • So what if Maggie wants to quit school and pursue some pipe dream.
      • The show business is about selling dreams and fantasies.

  • 2

    (fantasy, ideal, aspiration)
    sueño masculino
    her wildest dreams came true hasta sus sueños más imposibles se hicieron realidad
    • the house of your dreams su casa ideal
    • her fondest dream su mayor ilusión
    • I had dreams of being famous soñaba con la fama / con hacerme famoso
    • your dream home su casa ideal
    • she's everyone's dream girl es el tipo de chica con la que sueña todo el mundo
    • Career paths have been plotted, exotic holidays are there for the taking, they can afford the car of their dreams and all the designer clothes they desire.
    • But instead of fire they found the object of their dreams: the bright chess set basking in the reflected glow of the full moon in the sky above.
    • It was a dream come true and special, after everything I went through with the injuries.
    • The young boys and girls from the Fountain of Life in Pattaya saw some of their dreams and wishes come true, and received a break away from the mundane life on land.
    • I'm 22, engaged to the man of my dreams and I'm hoping that I can find a job before I'm forced to live in a shantytown of boxes.
    • So, yes, of course this is very special for me, a dream come true if you like.
    • Writing your childhood fave or something of the sort can be a dream come true, and even lucrative for a time.
    • With the prize of a thousand pounds Ann plans to make a dream come true and take a trip to the United States with her family.
    • There she was, the women of my dreams, hoping desperately that she had reached me before I read that letter.
    • He has fulfilled two of his dreams, firstly overcoming his stammer and secondly helping others.
    • Everyday, people search the housing market for the ultimate designer properties, hoping to find the ideal home of their dreams.
    • He has worked so hard on his own speech and his reward came earlier this year when he fulfilled one of his dreams, speaking to an audience at Wembley.
    • It hurts to have to deal with this and see all of our dreams and plans go out the door, that's not a very good feeling.
    • To be part of this event which was a childhood memory is a dream come true.
    • These boxes are a dream come true for the unscrupulous person wishing to steal someone's identity.
    • I think we deserved the game, but that last goal was just a dream come true.
    • This is the stuff of our dreams, our pain and our aspiration.
    • A decade later, he fulfilled another of his dreams.
    • Our union had been blessed, all of my dreams richly fulfilled.
    • Fellow Koreans, now is the time to make our society a better place to live and to make all of our dreams and hopes come true.
  • 3coloquial

    (sth wonderful)
    sueño masculino
    the dress was an absolute dream el vestido era un sueño
    • it cleans like a dream limpia de maravilla
    • he cooks like a dream cocina de maravilla
    • the whole thing went like a dream todo salió a las mil maravillas
    • "It's a dream of a car," he says.
    • Long considered too time consuming and laborious, shadowbox flaming has risen from the depths of obscurity to become a retailer's dream.
    • It's a dream of a part.
    • She's already a dream of a writer.
    • Nobody could have anticipated how drastically things would swing Bolton's way with a dream of a goal just 16 seconds into the second half.
    • It's a manufacturing nightmare but a consumer's dream.
    • It's a dream of a place.
    • She is a dream of a boat, with sleek lines and is equipped to the highest standards.
    • Vienna is an art lover's dream this spring.
    • France is surely cinema's dream.
    • It was a book packager's dream - exceptional architecture, beautifully photographed, with interiors that in many cases had been especially decorated for the photo shoot.
    • Taut leatherette seating, snug booths, it's a dream of a diner for cafe connoisseurs.
    • She is, in fact, a licensee's dream who is known for her versatility and cooperative nature.
    • While this sounds like a dream of a job, Kim still had an unfinished dream, and that was to open a restaurant.

verbo intransitivodreamt, dreamed

  • 1

    • 1.1(in sleep)

      to dream about / of sth/sb soñar con algo/algn
      • Maybe I dreamed it, or perhaps the dream was what the shop sold, a fantasy of southern warmth conjured up like a charm in the chilly north.
      • But then I wasn't sure if I dreamt it, so lay awake in the dark and dozed off again - only to wake up feeling it on my hip, and when I tried to brush it off it clung on and started biting me.
      • As you awake from your troubled sleep, you realize that the group you'd dreamed about is deep in the woods.
      • We saw seals in the ocean when we were in Maine and last night I dreamed about bears.
      • When she was awake, she thought about it and when she was sleeping, she dreamed about it.
      • I assume I dreamed about it because I watched some before going to bed last night.
      • On Saturday, I dreamt that P and I went to stay with someone, and the conversations in the dream were so real, when I woke up, I was sure they had happened.
      • I dreamed about my fish having produced literally thousands of offspring.
      • And so, his imagination soaked with it, each night he dreamed a world of his own.
      • At first I thought I was dreaming it, but then I began to hear voices.
      • If, by chance, I have dreamt it, then I naturally take all of the kudos.
      • The other night I dreamt that somebody put their arms around me from behind, but I didn't know who it was.
      • I dreamt my boyfriend and I were teachers at my old school.
      • She dreamt the plot for her first teenage novel - and once she started to write it, her daughter Bethany wouldn't let her stop.
      • I dreamed about Susan last night, which is what prompted me to write this today.
      • Did I ever tell you about the time that I dreamt my mom was dead, frozen in the snow?
      • I dreamed about lamb shanks, even though I'm not really sure what a lamb shank is.
      • I continued to think about Morrissey that first week, even dreamed about him a couple times.
      • I only dreamed about murderous angry ghosts the once.
      • Then again, he never saw everything, or maybe he had dreamt it and not remembered.
      • It's no surprise that I dreamt it snowed heavily.
      • When you wake up one morning, having dreamed about blogging, then it's time to take a break.
      • I may have dreamt it, I suppose, though I rarely dream.
      • She thought that maybe she had dreamt the whole thing but her discarded prom dress lying on the floor told her it was not so.
      • Maybe I had been dreaming the first time I saw the girl in the looking glass, but it was too real to have been my own dream.
      • I'm too ashamed to tell you what I dreamed about.
      • Her unusual name comes from her uncle, who dreamt it.
      • Which is funny, because I actually dreamed about forgetting a footnote on a blog post last night.
      • Funnily enough, I dreamed about waitresses again.
      • I dreamt last night that a hand stood between myself and the door that was to represent my self-actualisation.
      • I drifted off to sleep with those thoughts on my mind and dreamed about nothing.
      • I dreamed about Bali last night though as usual it was not the real Bali, more some sandy, watery oceanic island with elements of the South of France about it.
      • Don't you hate it when people tell you what they dreamt the night before?
      • As she attempted to fall asleep again to dream her beautiful dreams, she heard someone breathing lightly beside her.
      • A few weeks ago I dreamed about him conducting Mendelssohn's Elijah.
      • She cried herself to sleep and dreamed about the same nightmare over and over.
      • If the imagined occupants of this chair were dreaming these images, their sleep would not be restful.
      • Then she heard more bangs and she knew she had not dreamed it.

    • 1.2(daydream)

      soñar (despierto)
      estar en las nubes
      stop dreaming! ¡baja de las nubes!
      • ‘It's what you dream about, and it's going to be a fantastic experience,’ she said.
      • Yes, there were the odd sightings of those celebrities you've always dreamed of meeting, but where were you on this fine soirée?
      • ‘I have dreamed of contributing to the country since my youth and now it is time,’ Chan said.
      • Take away all the complications of daily living and you will suddenly be free to write the novel you've always dreamed of, effortlessly rattling off a masterpiece in a weekend.
      • Winnipeg-born Berchard always dreamed of being an actor, but his parents advised him to seek greater financial security.
      • The novel I'd dreamed of for years, the one set in the merry, sinister woods of fairytale and midsummer, was there, waiting for me.
      • This week offers them the chance to participate in the kind of activities they might only have dreamed of.
      • As with many planned Utopias, those who dreamed of it elaborated their fancies down to minute details like the architecture of peasant farmhouses.
      • I imagined the Caribbean Island I'd always dreamed of, but my fantasies were quickly destroyed.
      • I have always dreamed of doing an exhibition of sundials and this is my chance.
      • Maybe the fear is what will save me and bring me into a world I've dreamed of, wished for, and never experienced for myself.
      • Anne Marie has always dreamed of riding the world's most radical waves and winning the Rip Masters surf competition in Hawaii.
      • She had always dreamed of being a teacher and came close to her wish when she worked as a classroom assistant in Holly and Jessica's school.
      • How long have I dreamed of quitting the rat race?
      • I hope you'll use our story as you dream about your own outdoor space.
      • ‘All my life I have dreamed of visiting China, and to be in Harbin and Shanghai,’ Olmert said.
      • But I've dreamed of being number one since I was a kid and will just have to see what happens at the end of the season.
      • The show gave former go-karting track manager Justin, who has dreamed of becoming a racing driver, the chance to show off his skills behind the wheel of a Caterham Ford.
      • So he started a painting business, saved all of his pennies, and dreamed of a way that he could both make a living and make the world a better, happier place.
      • So, you know, I have to get out of here, and I hope life treats you kind, and, you know, I hope you have all you've ever dreamed of.

  • 2

    • 2.1(imagine)

      to dream of sth soñar con algo
      • I dreamed of going to live in the country soñaba con irme a vivir al campo

    • 2.2(contemplate)

      (not) to dream of sth/-ing
      • I wouldn't dream of borrowing money ni se me ocurriría pedir dinero prestado
      • would you do that? — I wouldn't dream of it! ¿harías eso? — ¡ni pensarlo! / ¡de ninguna manera! / ¡ni en sueños!
      • I never dreamed of self-producing, I never dreamed of writing.
      • It was something that I'd never dreamed possible, most likely because I never thought about it.
      • This is something the students would have never dreamt of or, possibly this concept of intellectual entertainment itself might be new to them.
      • I haven't dreamed of downloading files larger than 5M in 10 minutes before.
      • No one could possibly dream that its end might soon be near.
      • On the one hand, she has grown into a force that fulfils her like she never dreamed possible.
      • He never would have dreamed of wearing it in front of ladies.
      • We couldn't possibly have dreamt that there would be a dead body on the other side of the fence to us.
      • When it was all done he did more than I ever dreamed was possible for the tone and texture of the whole product.
      • During the six days that followed, these American climbers would be pushed to limits they never dreamed possible.
      • She said that with this show the company had meant to point out some of the dangers in contemporary society, never dreaming that their fears would be realized on such a grand scale.
      • It means a sense of amazement as I watch athletes make demands on their bodies and emotions I would never dream possible.
      • The Challenge Round in particular brought a level of excitement to the proceedings that I never would have dreamed possible.
      • Indeed, if you just lie back, technology and the global economic order will make you happier than you ever dreamed possible, they say.
      • This whole place captured my attention in a way that I would not have dreamed possible.
      • Bob Walker said the Brimble Hill School would be able to do things he had never dreamed of after receiving the donation from local firm Arval Ltd.
      • Some immigrants veer off the traditional career path and head out in new directions, into places they might never have dreamed of when they were growing up in India.
      • Had they put pen to paper, they would not have dreamt of expressing such contempt.
      • Humans will be able to interact with their creations in ways never dreamed possible.
      • When they do earn it they discover a strength and security they never dreamed possible before.

verbo transitivodreamt, dreamed

  • 1

    (in sleep)
    I dreamed (that) I was drowning soñé que me ahogaba
    • to dream a dream tener un sueño
  • 2

    I never dreamed he'd be so rude nunca (me) imaginé que iba a ser tan grosero
    • she little dreamed that she would one day own that house lo que menos se imaginaba era que aquella casa llegaría a ser suya