Traducción de dreary en Español:


deprimente, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈdrɪri//ˈdrɪəri/

adjetivodreariest, drearier

  • 1

    (bleak, gloomy)
    (room/landscape) deprimente
    (landscape/room) lóbrego
    (room/landscape) sombrío
    (weather) gris
    (weather) deprimente
    • My hand could not write nearly as fast as my mind wound round the dreary tone of the poem.
    • It had not occurred to me until I stood there that what we were doing was more than clearing the landscape of dreary sheep.
    • Last but not least, she wanted to know when she would be allowed to leave this dreary old flat!
    • You often describe your house husband days as dreary and full of angst.
    • These men were more interested in ideas than in the dreary routines of manual labour.
    • What dreary, conservative, uninvolved lives previous generations led in comparison.
    • A wall of bare branches and actual rain falling evokes the dreary time of year.
    • So the shop opened in dreary February, when indulgence isn't on many minds.
    • On the wrong day traffic can be backed up almost its entire dreary length giving the road its present bad reputation.
    • Many a dreary office afternoon has been passed picturing a life in photography.
    • You know you're in a bad food place when takeaways are the boring dreary option.
    • How better to brighten up a sedate outfit, or add a dash of colour to an otherwise dreary day?
    • Do you ever feel like your life is falling into a dreary, pointless routine?
    • The Bank's pronouncements flow from an equally dreary view that inflation is yet again about to take off.
    • Post-war England was dreary and depressing and I was delighted at the prospect of getting away.
    • That is not to imply that they are having dreary days and a summer sacrificed to community service.
    • For many of them, Miami shopping adds significance to their otherwise dreary lives.
    • Outside, everything was as damp and dreary as virtually every day of this sopping wet month has been.
    • The rugby matched the dark dreary weather as Malton made struggled to keep their unbeaten home record intact.
    • So, what does anything of this dreary autumn reminiscence have to do with politics?
  • 2

    (routine/work) monótono
    (routine/work) aburrido
    (routine/work) aburridor América Latina
    she's rather dreary company no es muy entretenida