Traducción de dress en Español:


vestido, n.

Pronunciación /drɛs//drɛs/


  • 1

    (for woman, girl)
    vestido masculino
    • Chiffon was the fabric of the night: everything from asymmetrical tops to strapless panel dresses was made in chiffon.
    • Leoni wore a gold silk evening dress and silk top hat, while Deborah opted for a jacket, waistcoat, gold cravat and black trousers.
    • And Suzy has to wear a bridesmaid dress the like of which has not been seen since 1983.
    • This just shows white dresses don't have to be boring and can vary a lot.
    • All the dresses and garments were well made, but I just can't see the theme of this collection.
    • Her figure expressed itself entirely through her flashy, expensive dresses and garments.
    • She also hit the mark with her black silk flower print strapless dresses with their asymmetrical handkerchief hemlines.
    • Some designers showed fur as a trim - around the necklines or hemlines of dresses, or on the collars and cuffs of sweaters and jackets.
    • Others appeared to float in broad tutu dresses worn with matching gossamer-light chiffon veil coats.
    • Casual wear, evening dresses, classical gowns and avant-garde bra-style tops are all denim.
    • She wore a black sleeveless dress and a black hat.
    • An abiding memory for me will be the girls in their colourful dresses sitting on the lawn as they wait to leave, laughing and singing.
    • The one thing you know about every single female character in Weiner's books is what dress size she wears.
    • I have a new spaghetti-strap dress I want to wear to our family Christmas party.
    • I've seen guests wear black dresses at weddings and thought nothing of it.
    • Women wear one-piece calico or cotton dresses, or loose blouses and skirts.
    • The bridesmaids wore Hawaiian-print dresses, a fashion mode echoed in the groomsmen's shirts.
    • The chief bridesmaid Sheryl Chiffin and bridesmaids Clare Scott and Amy Smith wore ballerina-length ivory silk dresses edged in plum pink.
    • She wore a long dark blue and light blue striped collared dress with short sleeves.
    • The girls were all in simple woollen dresses and white linen smocks, their hair tied mostly in ponytails.
  • 2

    (clothing, style of dressing)
    the local dress el traje típico del lugar
    • they arrived in formal dress llegaron vestidos de etiqueta
    • actors in period dress actores con traje(s) de época
    • they adopted Western dress adoptaron el modo de vestir / la vestimenta occidental
    • he took great care over his dress se preocupaba mucho por su atuendo / su indumentaria
    • she has good/no dress sense tiene buen gusto/mal gusto para vestirse

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(put clothes on)

      to get dressed vestirse
      • I'm not dressed no estoy vestido
      • she wasn't dressed for the occasion no estaba vestida de forma adecuada para la ocasión
      • she was well/badly dressed iba bien/mal vestida
      • a smartly dressed woman una mujer elegantemente vestida
      • he was dressed in white/rags/uniform iba (vestido) de blanco/con harapos/de uniforme
      • she was dressed in a kimono llevaba (puesto) un kimono
      • He tossed out a velvet blue gown to her and told her to get dressed quickly and come back out.
      • She showered quickly and then dressed into the same clothes once again, since they hadn't been dirtied since she put them on.
      • Your mother and I taught you the ways of the Indians and dressed you in Indian clothes.
      • Mr Barry is able to wash, prepare limited snack meals and dress himself.
      • Jocelyn had just finished a rehearsal and was dressing to head home.
      • Every morning Mama would dress him in nice clothes, comb his straight light brown hair, and make sure his face and hands were clean.
      • With lightning speed I jump out of the sleeping bag and get dressed as quickly as possible.
      • The nurses had dressed their baby, wrapped him in a blanket and given them the opportunity to hold him.
      • I have to question the clothes my parents dressed me in back then.
      • She joins Grace at the change table and watches as Grace finishes dressing the baby.
      • Back at the house, we were dressed in normal clothes once again.
      • Cathryn was not quite sure what to make of this for she could see no logical reason for dressing her in these clothes.
      • She commented quite snarkily on how Mrs. Roberts dressed her children just too perfectly in their Sunday clothes to go to the White House.
      • The woman claimed the defendant punched the man and dislocated his shoulder, so he could not get dressed very quickly.
      • Dad banged on the door and that was my signal to get out of the hot, steaming shower and get dressed.
      • I didn't shower, or get dressed, or take care of myself for near on a week.
      • He helped me to the bed and dressed me.
      • They had always spoiled me when I was younger, buying me things I didn't want or need, dressing me up in clothes I didn't like.
      • It was a warm afternoon in June and I was dressing for a party that evening.
      • The urban propensity to dress babies with fancy clothes makes them more vulnerable to malaria.
      • Confused, she looked around, and found John dressing in the other side of the room.
      • She was still wrapped in the clothes Sebastain dressed her with.
      • I'd better hurry up, have my shower and get dressed or I'll be late for lunch.
      • The women begin their task, washing the body, dressing it in robes, and preparing it for the funeral ceremony to come.
      • You quickly get dressed and go downstairs, wondering what the contractor left behind or forgot to do that brought him back unannounced.
      • I get dressed quickly and sit on the small love seat in the living area.
      • I bathed them, dressed them, fed them, changed their bandages, lifted them out of wheelchairs and into beds.
      • I went to the bathroom to shower, put on my makeup and get dressed.
      • I blinked a few times before rising from the bed to get dressed and showered for school.
      • I wrapped a towel around myself after my shower and left the bathroom to get dressed.
      • How can anyone make a ‘big is beautiful’ movie and then dress the girl like she's been through a trash compacter to shave off a few inches?
      • He took him in, washed him, fed him, dressed him, and got him new identity papers.
      • I dress, come back downstairs, brush my teeth, brush my hair and put it in a ponytail.
      • She continued talking as she dressed.
      • Once they had left he dressed and returned to where he had left his car.
      • I had barely enough time to shower and get dressed before the Andrews came.
      • But as for dressing them the same, Lana makes sure she keeps the twins' individuality.
      • By then I am pretty much awake and feeling more friendly - so I take a shower and get dressed.
      • He dresses her in frilly clothes and surrounds her with stuffed animals and dolls.
      • After all, it's no mean trick dressing a sleeping baby in a tiny clown outfit, complete with pointy hat!

    • 1.2(provide clothes for)

      she's dressed by Balmain la viste Balmain

  • 2

    • 2.1Cocina

      (chicken/fish) preparar
      dressed crab cangrejo preparado masculino
      • Doug delivers freshly dressed chickens, eggs and a growing list of other farm-fresh products to 10 gourmet restaurants.
      • We chose to share a dressed crab with lemon dill mayonnaise.
      • The acidity of the soursop varies: the pulp of some fruits can be eaten raw, while others have to be dressed with sugar to make them palatable.
      • Anyway I was dressing a salmon… which quite obviously I have overpoached.

    • 2.2Cocina

      (salad) aliñar
      • Mix equal parts low fat mayonnaise and yogurt and use to dress coleslaw or potato salad.
      • Conversely potato salad should be dressed while hot, so that the cooling potatoes suck in the dressing.
      • They both offer wonderfully subtle and sweet tastes, best brought out by a salad dressed with a sharp and tangy vinaigrette.
      • Serve immediately or at room temperature - it would be nicely complemented by a salad dressed with walnut oil.
      • The first comprised six flavoursome langoustines in a tempura batter as light as a prawn cracker, served on salad dressed with an interesting sweet basil oil.
      • The salad should not be dressed in this way until the instant before it is wanted for table.
      • Place a goat's cheese burger on top, then some relish, a few salad leaves dressed in vinaigrette, and top with the lid.
      • Cholestrol levels must be the last thing on the minds of most of the guests who seem to love salads that have been dressed in creamy mayonnaise sauce.
      • When I'm trying to be sensible I do a rocket leaf salad dressed with aged balsamic vinegar from Tesco's.
      • Serve with an arugula salad dressed with a tangy vinaigrette.
      • This vinaigrette is incredibly flexible - it can be used for dressing salads, glazing braised fish, or to marinate cooked potatoes.
      • For instance, serve veggie hot dogs with a leafy salad dressed with oil and vinegar rather than canned baked beans.
      • With them came two mild, home-pickled onions, six cornichons and some fashionable salad leaves dressed only in olive oil, bizarrely, and not great oil at that.
      • Salads are piquantly dressed, potatoes sautéed in duck fat are copiously served and the house wine, a young Cotes du Rhone, is more than adequate.
      • Serve polenta with cherry tomato halves lightly dressed with an herb vinaigrette.
      • The duck leg was melt-in-the-mouth delicious, accompanied by fried potato slices and a delicate garden salad dressed as only a French chef can.
      • The classic accompaniment of tartines is a green salad, dressed with a vinaigrette that can even be in accordance to the theme.
      • A good accompaniment is a green salad dressed with olive oil and Dijon mustard.
      • There's also a tiny heart of cabbage, blanched and dressed with vinaigrette.
      • More mature cheeses are firmer and can be crumbled over pasta or soup, or grilled and served on a salad dressed with walnut oil.

  • 3

    • 3.1Medicina

      (wound) vendar
      • Of course, his first instinct was to dress the wounds, to stop the bleeding.
      • The incision then was dressed with self-adhesive wound approximating strips.
      • Without words, she pulled out a bandage from one of his bags and began dressing the wound.
      • She learned to dress wounds and the proper techniques for transferring surgical patients.
      • There was a long pause while Adrian and Brad continued to clean and dress the wounds.
      • I propped Gary up against the building and began to dress his wounds.
      • After he was finished, the woman dressed his sore wounds with a cooling salve.
      • After dressing my wound, the local pharmacist even gave me a lollipop.
      • I went to my general practitioner and had the wound dressed by a nurse at the surgery.
      • The plaintiff was taken to Humber Hospital where her leg was reduced, the wound dressed and a leg splint applied.
      • Shannon was the one who dressed my wounds and dried my tears.
      • The wound is dressed with gauze, which is taped into place.
      • Often, self-harm is hidden, with its victims becoming expert in dressing their own injuries.
      • She made her way to her room to clean and dress the wound.
      • That is why more serious burns need to be dressed and kept clean to help prevent this whilst the skin heals.
      • Adam never saw the heartache his father endured as he cleaned and dressed his son's injuries.
      • The nurse cleaned and dressed the arm, and then arranged again for surgery clinic follow-up.
      • The skin wound was dressed with gauze, and sterile plaster wool was applied.

    • 3.2

      (skins) adobar
      (skins) curtir
      (stone) labrar
      • Now it resembled a low fortress wall with blocks of stone evenly cut and dressed, and white lines to guide devotees on moonless nights.
      • Stone was dressed in different ways as time and technology advanced.
      • The building is made of dressed stone and rendered walls, coloured rendered concrete walls and rammed earth walls.
      • Officers complained that it was extremely difficult to keep the full dress uniform presentable, since the lace dirtied the white cloth, and the brimstone used to dress the cloth damaged the lace.
      • All new stone was found on the site, and was dressed and laid by local craftsmen.
      • This is the first time that the use of dressed stone masonry is made, a major step in the evolution of building construction.
      • This crosses the valley on a solid structure, built of dressed stone facing a rubble core.
      • On the exterior walls, 240 dressed and corner stones had to be redone and the top floor needed to be completely replaced.
      • Some of the old colonial flavour remains in the charming dressed stone church of St John in the Wilderness.
      • Every stone has to be dressed, which means that for every week of building with stone, it takes two days to prepare the stone.
      • The well-house is built of dressed stone with a squared-off doorway out of which flows a vigorous stream.

  • 4

    (topsoil/field) abonar
    • At the correct times the ground about the trees was dressed with sea-sand manure.
    • Feed your plants by side dressing with a vegetable fertilizer same as you would in the spring.
    • Grass staggers is brought about by a diet that is too high in protein, a condition found in rapidly growing pasture, especially on ground that has been heavily dressed with fertilizer.
  • 5

    (Christmas tree) adornar
    (Christmas tree) decorar
    (shop window) arreglar
    (shop window) decorar
    • Thereafter, Hopesay Parish Council has maintained the tree dressing custom, which is unique in Britain.
    • Stones like emerald, ruby, blue, sapphire, jade, onex, aquamarine, malakite and peridot are used for dressing the pieces.
    • During the 1800s, dressing the wells in the village was hugely popular.
    • The friends hold their first tree dressing festival, with more than 150 children taking part.
    • The wreck is dressed in beautiful soft corals of all colours.
    • If windows are behind a cooking surface, they should not be dressed with flammable window treatments.
    • We scored snazzy socks, gloves, jewelry and barrettes at the dollar store to finish dressing our door doll.
    • To enhance the city centre atmosphere for the event, businesses are encouraged to keep the themes of the shows in mind when dressing their windows.
    • The competition has become a huge success and has encouraged shop owners to use their imagination in dressing their shop windows for Christmas.
    • Then we'll come home, drag the tree from its packaging, set it up and dress it, and Christmas will begin.
    • Let us dress our ship as befits a brigand who shows her heels to the pursuers.
    • A number of shops are dressing their windows with a nautical theme and some local pubs and restaurants are offering seaside specials.
    • Ships were dressed with flags and sailors climbed the rigging or stood on decks, caps in hand, to cheer the Queen.
    • It was about this time of year - everyone was preparing for the holidays, doing their Christmas shopping, dressing the tree and putting up decorations.
    • In summer you dine at beautifully dressed tables on a terrace overlooking the valley - the 18th-century estate is surrounded by olive groves.
    • We've kept it simple, warm and welcoming, and have avoided the urge to dress it with rambling roses and ornament of any kind.
    • Take some of the pressure out of dressing your home for the holidays by decorating for the longer winter season rather than for just one specific occasion.
    • The custom of dressing a black poplar known as the Arbor Tree with flags on flagpoles every 29 May is unique in Britain.
  • 6

    (company/troops) alinear
    • There was no time to dress ranks properly, and unit organization went by the board as the troopers struggled to form front.
    • The halberds of infantry sergeants were carried as a symbol of their authority and used to dress the ranks.
    • Soldiers dress by one another in ranks, and the body collectively by some given object.
    • The battalion dressed its ranks with precision.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(put on, wear clothes)

      he always dresses in black siempre (se) viste de negro
      • she dresses very well (se) viste muy bien
      • to dress to the right/left cargar a la derecha/izquierda
      • I noted some boys who looked quite plain, dressed in jeans and sports t-shirts.
      • Although conservatively dressed, he wore a gold watch chain on his grey waistcoat and designer black leather shoes.
      • Both Nicky and Georgina were dressed casually, with Nicky wearing jeans and a baseball cap while Georgina wore jeans and a floral top.
      • As I went into private practice, I made sure that my shoes always shone and dressed sharply, always wearing freshly laundered shirts to court.
      • She wore black, and dressed in long skirts with shirt collars buttoned at the throat.
      • ‘We have to do a do a couple of walks, one dressed in sports wear and one dressed in evening wear,’ he said.
      • The men were wearing balaclavas and dressed in black jackets with a gold band along the bottom like a uniform.
      • Club officials will be giving patrons dressed in beach wear an entry form to complete which will be put into a barrel for the cash draw after the fourth race.
      • Since we were partying on the Southside I dressed accordingly and wore black jeans and a black Sex Pistols tank top.
      • She dresses normally, wearing dark jeans, and a pale pink tee shirt, but she doesn't have a trace of make up on her face.
      • On stage he would be dressed in evening wear, a bowler hat and a stainless steel waistcoat.
      • Her attacker, who was dressed in black and wearing a balaclava, grabbed her from behind and held a knife to her throat, before escaping with her handbag.
      • Some were attired in figure-hugging minis, some were dressed in sparkling evening wear and a few in casuals.
      • He dresses in overalls and wears a tall straw hat.
      • Instead of the white satin gown and lace veil Elizabeth had worn, Inger simply dressed in her Sunday best.
      • It's a challenge on every level - so you begin dressing nicely, wearing some perfume, maybe even a sexy pair of heels.
      • They are all dressed similarly, most wearing the same blue jacket and hat as the man who has just spoken to me in English.
      • She doesn't dress flamboyantly, instead wearing a black t-shirt and jeans.
      • They do not wear uniforms but are dressed in black or civilian clothes, United States officials said.
      • She dressed conservatively, wore little makeup and was unpretentious.

    • 1.2(dress formally)

      we don't dress for dinner no nos cambiamos para cenar

  • 2

    dress right! ¡vista a la derecha!