Traducción de dressing gown en Español:

dressing gown

bata, n.


  • 1

    (woman's) bata femenino
    (woman's) salto de cama masculino Cono Sur
    (man's) bata femenino
    (man's) salto de cama masculino Cono Sur
    (man's) batín masculino España
    (of toweling) albornoz masculino
    (of toweling) salida de baño femenino
    • At the moment he was dressed in a pair of old slippers and a worn dressing gown, thrown over a set of striped flannel pyjamas.
    • As I cruised past, I saw people dressed in silk dressing gowns and cowboy hats milling about in the rain.
    • She was wearing a gold dressing gown, with a blue sash at the waist, and pink slippers with pom-poms.
    • An inquest in the city heard how she was wearing a red dressing gown and pyjamas with her arms folded neatly across her chest.
    • In 1963 he set up his own small company making pyjamas and dressing gowns.
    • They all jumped a mile in the air as she came out of the bathroom, a dressing gown wrapped around her.
    • Pete slipped quietly out of bed, put on his dressing gown, and tip-toed into the bathroom.
    • But he was attention was caught by two figures in dressing gowns, hurrying towards the church, and he looked round, his heart pleased that someone had come.
    • There were people sitting out in their gardens in dressing gowns, drinking coffee and cheering us on.
    • Linen pyjamas and woollen dressing gowns were everywhere.
    • I'm sitting in my dressing gown and tracksuit bottoms, having spent the whole day in bed.
    • The owner's wife stood on the bottom step of the stairs, a woollen dressing gown clutched about her.
    • He hops onto the train and finds a carriage full of kids who, like him, are all in their pyjamas and dressing gowns.
    • His black happi is wrapped around his bulky frame like a dressing gown.
    • I sit up, my messy blonde hair falling everywhere and look around for my clothes, or a dressing gown, but I see nothing.
    • Wouldn't it be nice if life consisted entirely of silk dressing gowns, champagne, and silver cocktail shakers?
    • She was wearing a light dressing gown and a pale blue woollen hat because her hair had never grown back after chemotherapy.
    • I am wearing a long white gown; I spot a dressing gown on the nearby chair.
    • While the guards still wore their uniform, the nobles were in their nightdresses and dressing gowns.
    • I held the phone in my hand again and let my spare one reach to my waist to fiddle with the material belt of my dressing gown.