Traducción de drift en Español:


Pronunciación /drɪft//drɪft/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(on water)

      moverse empujado por la corriente
      the boat drifted off course el barco se desvió de su rumbo
      • the logs/boats drifted down the river los troncos/botes bajaban empujados por la corriente
      • During the mission, our unattended football rolled into the water and drifted downstream.
      • There were lights of the fishermen out on the jetty beneath The Bluff - and there was a white shape drifting in the water close to the shore.
      • The Maritime and Coastguard Agency said the 170-metre semi-submersible barge had since drifted into Norwegian waters.
      • Perfect fly presentation is often ruined by drag - the current's unnatural tug on your fly as it drifts downstream - a problem the snake cast eliminates.
      • The smaller ship began to drift with the current downstream.
      • Aided by the swift current, we drifted quietly downstream watching the rich assortment of wildlife along the way.
      • Once past this section of white water we began to drift downstream and came to a stone bridge crossing the deep valley of the river, reminding me of a rainbow.
      • There was a particular spot that I loved, on the bridge over the river, where ghostly whirls of mist drifted lazily over the water's surface.
      • Drift-diving in Britain means that the divers will be drifting with a current.
      • As we drift into the current, things suddenly get very quiet.
      • One after another the tiny balls of bread fell, hit the water and drifted downstream.
      • I am looking forward to being in the open sea where I can use the sea anchor - a sort of parachute for water that ensures that you drift with the current, reducing the effect of the wind.
      • We drift with the current over one of his favourite yellow spots.
      • And the ocean currents tend to drift westwards on the northern side.
      • It drifts with the currents and pulsates to maintain position at the proper depths.
      • We got up each day, put our boats in the water, and drifted down the river.
      • Wedge-tailed eagles drift in the air currents, and in the mornings the hills are alive with western grey kangaroos.
      • It's not the first bit I've seen float by, but this one is drifting against the current.
      • As Tim and I drifted slowly downstream, we scrutinized every bird we saw.
      • Within minutes the aromas of a three-course Thai meal cooked on the double gas burner drifted across the waters.

    • 1.2(be adrift)

      (boat/person) ir a la deriva

    • 1.3(in air)

      (glider/balloon) moverse empujado por el viento
      the clouds drifted away las nubes se fueron dispersando

  • 2

    (proceed aimlessly)
    he drifted from job to job iba sin rumbo de un trabajo a otro
    • the firm is drifting inexorably toward ruin la compañía va camino de la ruina
    • the strikers began drifting back to work los huelguistas empezaron a volver poco a poco al trabajo
    • the crowd began to drift away la muchedumbre comenzó a dispersarse
    • the conversation began to drift la conversación empezó a irse por las ramas
    • to drift apart distanciarse
    • I just drifted into marriage me dejé llevar por las circunstancias y terminé casándome
  • 3

    (pile up)
    (snow/sand) amontonarse
    • Snow had already drifted up on Old Hank's truck and the white and red pickup he'd told her about was nearly covered.
    • As the game kicked off, winter threatened to intervene as snow drifted across the ground but fortunately it remained light.
    • The snow drifted around them, making the entire scene look unreal.
    • Unless he organized his thoughts he would die here in the nighttime, the snow would drift over his body and only the dogs would know where to find him.
    • Woke up this morning and there was snow drifting a meter high out on the deck and in the garden, burying my optimistic seeds.
    • Fences placed above the starting zone can prevent snow from drifting into leeward basins, thus reducing drift loading.
    • And we got to the next exit down the road here and we went to pull off, and the snow had drifted up, and we were stranded there.
    • The snow had drifted on the ground, swelling up against trunks and rocks, and parchment thin beside the water.
    • Some roads in the south-east of Scotland were blocked as snow drifted.
    • It probably came because of the snow drifting past her window, and not out of his notice of anything wrong.
    • Meanwhile, skiers are looking with envy at the fresh snow which is still drifting in Athens.
    • Morning sun glared off snow drifted up to a metre against the walls in places.
    • Outside, snow is drifting across the stable-yard.
    • I stare at the snow drifting outside my window, at the nearly deserted street below, trying not to think about anything.
    • He turned the vehicle onto a dirt road drifted over with snow.
    • Up to five inches of snow, drifting in the gale-force winds, was being forecast overnight along the East Coast.
    • Fairly flying, he followed the fence along, watching for a place where the snow had drifted up high enough that he could step over the wires.
    • Snow drifted lazily about us, and we were both coated in the white powder.
    • When it came to snow, it wasn't usually too bad if it just fell quietly without any wind behind it because, as everyone knows, it is the wind that causes snow to drift.
    • I traipsed outside and cleared out about a foot of snow that had drifted into the dish.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (sand/snow) amontonar


  • 1

    (of sand) montón masculino
    (of snow) ventisquero masculino
    • Out of the office window I see snow, thick drifts bearing the marks of a brave skier gliding down.
    • The wind howled behind them and swept a drift of snow through the doorway with them.
    • They had, then, to anchor the pylons supporting the cables on rocks frozen under deep drifts of snow, working in freezing temperatures, buffeted by needle sharp winds.
    • For the first week, Emma paced at night and watched a late snow curl in drifts around the mailbox at the corner and the lamppost beneath her window.
    • The wind picks up, stirring the drifts until the snow looks like it's falling upward.
    • This evening, trudging along through the drifts of ripped leaves and shed blossom I could smell smoke on the air.
    • I like trudging up the path through the drifts of dead leaves, too.
    • The snow fell slowly and it piled into drifts everywhere, sparkling in the grey mist that hung low to the ground.
    • The region lacks prominent landmarks, and the raised beaches are sandy and subject to wind erosion and sand drift.
    • The structure rested next to a steep slope, and snow was piled in thick drifts around it.
    • When I went for my walk this afternoon there was still no sign of snow, though the drifts of fallen May blossom along the hedge bottoms kept my mind on the topic.
    • The ground was covered with melting snow, drifts and banks still sat on the sidewalk covering the sign posts more than half-way high.
    • Fierce blizzards could blow in suddenly, bringing heavy snow that strong winds heaped into deep drifts.
    • He rolled up his sleeve and reached into the drift, seconds later he produced a powdery pooch.
    • Along the edge of the lawn drifts and heaps of yellow leaves caught the first light, looking for all the world as if they'd grown there overnight.
    • I crouched at the border of field and forest, hidden behind the snow-dusted skeleton of a bush and a drift banked against a fallen trunk.
    • The only bonus of my mistake was that the freezing air no longer seemed as cold as it had earlier, when I eventually crunched my way home through thigh-high drifts of snow, beneath a sky ablaze with the northern lights.
    • I pulled my cloak a bit tighter as a gust of wind whipped powder snow from a nearby drift and swirled it around us in a chill flurry.
    • For the first time in what seemed like years I heard actual rain drumming against the roof and washing snow from the streets and reducing drifts to icy piles of dirty slush.
    • We wanted to dive into the massive drifts of drying leaves, blown or swept high against walls and in gutters.
  • 2

    sentido masculino
    I didn't quite catch your drift no entendí / capté muy bien lo que querías decir
    • if you get my drift tú ya me entiendes
    • No doubt there are lots more but you get the drift.
    • He got my drift and went to sit on a beanbag chair.
    • To continue the debate, I feel the drift of this conversation is that Ken has the old world traditional values at heart and represents the majority.
    • Well, I get the general drift of it - it has some familiar themes - but some references are puzzling.
    • By the time she comes back we forget what we were discussing and the drift of the conversation is lost.
    • And that message - or at least its general drift - has been delivered in musicals for a good long time.
    • It's a long time since I read it, but that seemed to be the general drift.
    • I want to put a little humor in this one, but I have no sense of humor whatsoever, so… you get the drift.
    • Brooke asked in reply to his sudden movement; could she not catch the drift?
    • Some experienced industry observers disagree with the drift of this argument.
    • She doesn't quote the great biblical injunction ‘to do justice but to love mercy’, but that is the general drift.
    • He looked across at Gianni, who seemed to be getting the drift of the conversation.
    • Yet, this apart, you can see the drift of the argument.
    • I suspect many posters on this board are deliberately misunderstanding the general drift of the main article.
    • People who know me will know the general drift of my thoughts and the intensity of my feelings on disasters, whether they be personal, natural or man-made.
    • Eric was rapidly getting the drift of the conversation and trying to phrase a polite refusal in his mind.
    • It wasn't noticeable, but I think he got my drift and put his arm around me.
    • He didn't mention 45-year-olds but I think I got his drift.
    • You get the general drift of all that, don't you?
    • I'm not too sure you got the drift of the Governor General's dilemma.
  • 3

    the drift toward war la inexorable marcha hacia la guerra
    • the drift from the land el éxodo rural
    • the drift of public opinion el cambio en la opinión pública
    • Britain can build bridges - and avoid a drift to war
    • The drift has shrunk the tax base and foisted ever-higher bills on citizens already paying the highest council tax in Scotland.
    • All I will say is that there has been a gradual drift in the legal position over the years as views have tended to move towards the liberal, and that this slow and creeping evolution is likely to continue.
    • Oriented north toward the small town of Limbo, he meticulously fights off the slow drift to complacency within his platoon.
    • This has resulted in a loss of focus and a drift towards multiple and contradictory objectives.
    • In the 1980s and 1990s we were ill at ease and unable to get a hold on things as we faced a big black hole and a slow drift to oblivion.
    • However, there is now a substantial body of opinion that the party needs to correct a drift to the left if it is to challenge the two main parties.
    • The drift will further accelerate the decline of the public system.
    • The drift towards fiction has its compensations.
    • The '90s brought a slow drift from the arms of the Church, as secular materialism took hold.
    • His slow drift down in the polls might now accelerate.
    • He has warned ministers to guard against a drift towards ‘a surveillance society’.
    • The only way for Democrats to reverse the slow rightward drift in constitutional law is by winning elections.
    • Nevertheless, the drift toward protectionism did contribute to a new international atmosphere of conflict and tension.
    • In commenting, therefore, on a social drift in democracy, my first appeal is for an understanding of the complexity of the subject.
    • He worries also about the slow drift of journalism out of the public consciousness.
    • With uncanny resemblance to his own political career, Napoleon ensured that the drift from left to right continued apace.
    • The cartel then began a long drift towards the centre.
    • If the drift downwards continues there would be a substantial erosion of pension funds in Ireland, he said.
    • The drift is towards global business and financial consolidation.
  • 4

    • 4.1Geología

      terreno de acarreo masculino
      see also continental
      • It can readily be modelled as a body of low density representing a valley fill of glacial drift.
      • Much of their ground stone came from either glacial drift or outcrops of Dakota sandstone, both sources occurring to the east of the site.
      • Furthermore, it is not always clear whether fossils from a given locality are from in situ rocks or from spoil or clasts in glacial drift.
      • The rugged driftless area got its name because of early geologists' inability to find evidence of glacial drift.
      • Because early geologists did not find recent glacial drift in the region, it became known as the Driftless Area.

    • 4.2Lingüística

      evolución femenino

  • 5

    desviación femenino
    • It was still flat calm as I rowed out to fish on the drift, using my bank outfit.
    • He lost his ability to mentally calculate fuel loads and wind drift while me and my drugs stayed the course.
    • In addition, compensation for wind drift based on visual cues on the ground becomes more difficult with increasing altitude.
    • By the time the plane and its crew reached the European coast, they had adjusted course to compensate for a 15-mile drift to the right.
    • Significant wind drift can occur, and it's difficult to detect it at night.
    • The speed of the craft varied, from a slow drift, to a speed so great that it is difficult to explain how this speed was achieved.
    • They require continuous updates from the visual sense to correct the drift errors in the other four inputs.
    • I felt my copilot initially increase right rudder, trying to stop the aircraft's left drift.
    • If you have an electric outboard available, this too can be used to slow down a drift.
    • I let the canoe drift with the current, trailing my paddle in the mocha-colored water.
    • Wind drift is a major factor and little appreciated.
    • We've got computer projections of drift according to the weather and charts which give us an approximation of survival times.
    • He said that he had detected forward drift and had put in what he perceived as enough aft cyclic to correct the problem, but the drift had continued.
    • For this reason, all match ammunition is subsonic to reduce wind drift.