Traducción de drive belt en Español:

drive belt

correa de transmisión, n.


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    correa de transmisión femenino
    • The addition of a direct-drive cutting head and steel-reinforced drive belts insure precise tracking, according to company officials.
    • You see, cracking, burning, splitting, abrasions, or fraying of your Mazda drive belt could lead to engine failure.
    • A driveshaft runs from the engine along the side of the cart to drive belts that power the unloading auger.
    • Despite (or because of, depending on your point of view) the clanking disc and the whirr of the drive belt, the unbelievable was happening.
    • For spare carry a set of drive belts, hose pipes, loose electrical wire, insulation tape, extra fuses and coolant
    • Another choice would be the 1,000-hour service and replacement of fluids, fan, filters, and drive belts.
    • The K950 Active has an enclosed drive belt to protect the transmission in the cutting arm from dust and moisture, and a completely new blade guard with rubber bearings.
    • Many motorists cannot tell a drive belt from a distributor.
    • It allows faster engine warm-up, circulates coolant to provide heat to the cabin when the engine is off, and eliminates the need for an external drive belt, making the engine shorter.
    • Elimination of drive belts helps to make the spindles maintenance free.
    • For instance, heat is generated at the bearings, within the blower's internal drive system, by the drive belt, and even by the friction of the air flowing through the blower.
    • Machinery needs fixing - the drive belt dropped off the mower an hour ago, rendering it useless.
    • OK, well, it has a fancier name: a turntable drive belt.
    • There's no fluid to leak and the units come with a 10-year warranty on the drums, lifetime on the drive belts.
    • Essentially, this consisted of an oil and filter change as well as a general examination of the exterior bodywork, foot and parking brake, all drive belts, windscreen washer and wheel alignment.
    • It is built on a 5/16-inch steel table, and has an eight-groove poly-v drive belt.
    • The right-hand handwheel with simple clutch can be used to assist the left via toothed drive belts, pulleys and a cross-shaft.
    • Have your mechanic check your cooling system for the condition of drive belts, clamps and hoses.
    • Also because there are no drive belts for all the accessories, we are looking at electric AC system and other electrical components.
    • The wheels of the mill are driven by water from the stream and as they turn the whole mill starts to grind and shake with sieves, wheels, drive belts all tied into the water power.