Traducción de dropout en Español:


marginado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdrɑpˌaʊt//ˈdrɒpaʊt/


  • 1

    (from society, group)
    marginado masculino
    marginada femenino
    they're all dropouts from big business es toda gente que ha abandonado el mundo de los negocios
    • A major limitation of this study is the high dropout rate; 74% of subjects dropped out before completing the entire period of maximum medication dose.
    • Overall, researchers and practitioners continue to find that community college student dropout rates are significantly higher than those of senior institutions.
    • Another new administration proposal is for college completion challenge grants, designed to help lower college dropout rates.
    • Previous studies of marital therapy dropout have reported rates ranging from 15% to 58%.
    • Another potential limitation of this study was the dropout rate, with 30% of subjects failing to complete all three treatment arms.
    • It also found that, despite a significant dropout rate, upwards of 87 per cent found their college experience better than expected or as good as they had hoped.
    • We had good numbers in the beginning but we've a huge dropout from the course because they're all very employable people that have come on it and they get offered jobs during the year.
    • The dropout rate was similar in both study groups.
    • And there is a dropout rate of about 40 per cent and no guarantees that after students get their post-secondary education that they are going to stay in British Columbia to use it.
    • Thus, the studies use either dropout rates, graduation rates, or college-attendance figures to shed light on the effects of competition.
    • For example, administrators track dropout rates from particular courses, and sometimes intervene when these rates increase.
    • We are dropouts from society, useless dregs who make no contribution, so it is inevitable that people will look at us strangely and with contempt.
    • Today the dropout rate is 2 percent, and 80 percent of graduates go on to higher education, some at schools like Princeton, Dartmouth and Stanford.
    • Their estimated dropout rate for the class of 2002 was 54 percent, compared with 36 percent for the class of 2003.
    • A new study suggests Illinois higher education officials should make changes to better serve a boom in college students and reverse a growing dropout rate.
    • Even in the study situation, the dropout rate was high, attributed primarily to noncompliance with protocols.
    • The major limitations of this study include the high dropout rate and the short treatment period.
    • Nonetheless, findings of this study are limited to potential school dropouts enrolled in alternative schools.
    • The study was limited by the dropout rate and has not been duplicated.
    • These agents were well tolerated, as evidenced by the low dropout rate in the two studies.
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    (from education)
    alumno que no completa los estudios