Traducción de drug addict en Español:

drug addict

drogadicto, n.


  • 1

    drogadicto masculino
    drogadicta femenino
    toxicómano masculino formal
    toxicómana femenino formal
    • This man was a convicted drug addict who had falsified prescriptions to get his fixes.
    • The context was that of a drug addict who was receiving treatment.
    • Her mother is a drug addict who has locked her out on several occasions.
    • The five were drug addicts working on the streets of Ipswich.
    • Campbell entered the race vowing to help Vancouver's drug addicts.
    • The chief architect behind the Government's downgrading of cannabis has a relative who is a drug addict, it was revealed yesterday.
    • The stories give an insight into the tragic lives and deaths of drug addicts on the fringes of society.
    • I'm selling it on behalf of a drug addict who needs the money.
    • Neither am I comparing unfortunate drug addicts with stray dogs.
    • In 2002 Kate, then 15, met a 25-year-old drug addict.
    • If we catch kids smoking pot we don't automatically think they're going to become hardcore drug addicts.
    • The only things you were sure to find in Angel Meadow Park were the hundreds of needles left by drug addicts.
    • Most of the people living in bedsits around here are drug addicts or have been in prison.
    • It is the drug addicts, he said, who were desperate for money who posed the real threat.
    • Sometimes their parents are drug addicts or criminals.
    • Mr Jackson said: "He asked me if I had money and told me he was a drug addict."
    • For every decent family there was a drug dealer, for every working person a hopeless drug addict.
    • The youngster survived for weeks alone after the death of his mother, a recovering drug addict.
    • The two tenants lived two floors apart in a block of flats notorious for housing drug addicts in New York's Bronx district.
    • Special restrictions exist on the prescription of medicines for drug addicts.