Traducción de dry-eyed en Español:


sereno, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈdraɪ ˌaɪd///


  • 1

    sin una lágrima
    • Still, it was different, as was Masur's dry-eyed but sensitively inflected interpretation.
    • I sat dry-eyed, stunned, and with a growing sense of dread as I watched.
    • He clutches her hand, but remains silent and dry-eyed.
    • But when they filed in, they were all dry-eyed, and nobody looked over toward the defense.
    • Christopher was dry-eyed, but he stared into space, not seeming to be aware of his surroundings.
    • ‘We have another problem,’ he said as she left the hall, dry-eyed.
    • Samantha had remained erect, very still, and dry-eyed, her back not touching the witness chair.
    • Ali sat dry-eyed in her car, head resting against the steering wheel with her arms wrapped around it.
    • I defy any red-blooded person to remain dry-eyed at the final moments of the piece.
    • ‘No more weaknesses,’ she vowed, dry-eyed when Xavier woke up.
    • He remained dry-eyed and expressionless as the girl cried throughout her statement.
    • At the funeral, he stood dry-eyed, wondering if perhaps he should cry for appearance's sake.
    • Zack was now dry-eyed and watching his mother with a strange mixture of trepidation and calmness.
    • The book is comedic and heartwarming in turns, yet I read it dry-eyed as it did not realise a true exploration of personal grief.
    • Jonathan's parents stood dry-eyed, not wanting to believe that what they had been told was true.
    • Now, there is only the small collection of dry-eyed people, and the pastor with no pulpit and a slender red holy book in his hand.
    • My good buddy Katie is dry-eyed but looks like she's about to shatter into a million tiny pieces, like a mirror with a crack, threatening to break into a thousand shards.
    • It requires massive effort for victims to narrate with dry-eyed clarity the devastating impact of the bomb; for some it is an impossible, or unbearable, contradiction.
    • The vampire moaned, and Giles, dry-eyed, began to sob.
    • Once you get hooked, it's almost impossible to get through an episode dry-eyed.