Traducción de dry ice en Español:

dry ice

hielo seco, n.


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    hielo seco masculino
    • Cicadas were frozen on dry ice in the field or preserved in 95% ethanol and stored in an ultrafreezer.
    • In the solid form known as dry ice, it is widely used as a refrigerant.
    • The spinal cords were frozen with dry ice and transverse sections were cut and collected.
    • At atmospheric pressures found on Earth, dry ice undergoes sublimation at - 109.3°F.
    • In its solid form, known as dry ice, it is used to chill perishable food during transport.
    • Cell pellets from each cell line were shipped on dry ice to 6 laboratories for DNA extraction and molecular genetic testing, performed per local standard procedures.
    • Cell suspensions were transferred to tubes, frozen immediately on dry ice and stored at - 80°C until analysis.
    • There is no danger at all in consuming a drink that was cooled down using dry ice - most of the carbon dioxide will just sublimate into the air.
    • The samples of the first plant harvested from each pot were frozen immediately on dry ice and stored at - 20°C.
    • We also flash-froze five copulating pairs from each group by pouring ethanol, supercooled by dry ice, directly on copulating pairs.
    • I have also heard of vending machines that sell more bizarre products such as dry ice and kerosene, though I am yet to see these myself.
    • These ice caps are composed of both ice and dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) and grow or shrink as the seasons change.
    • Silver iodide and dry ice are examples of ‘glaciogenic’ agents, and they only help to produce rain in clouds of sufficiently low temperatures.
    • We make dry ice, and we put carbon dioxide into tanks.
    • The remnants of the abdomen and the thorax were returned immediately to a tube on dry ice and then frozen at - 70° awaiting DNA isolation.
    • Galen Kaufman discovered that a pear kept cool with dry ice had become carbonated.
    • Using dry ice, glycerol and helium gas, other exciting shapes and possibilities open up.
    • Carbon dioxide released from evaporating dry ice will kill all animal life in the container.
    • Afterwards the suspension was quick-frozen using dry ice.
    • An example of sublimation occurs with dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) when it is exposed to room temperature, or sulphur when it is heated gradually without being ignited.