Traducción de dud en Español:


birria, n.

Pronunciación /dəd//dʌd/



  • 1

    • 1.1(useless thing)

      birria femenino coloquial
      porquería femenino coloquial
      • So, after several hours, much discussion, a few duds, a few ringers and a couple of clear favourites, we all agreed on six whiskies that will be taken to the Speyside whisky festival for the final deciding round.
      • Books which turn out to be excellent (either by literary or commercial criteria), are rejected; and some books are selected which later prove to be duds.
      • A dud with 10 games is the same as a dud with no games.
      • A bomb disposal expert from Catterick was called in and the bomb was found to be a dud filled with concrete.
      • Case says his style is different from the approach taken by venture-capital and buyout funds that hope the home runs in their portfolios more than compensate for the duds.
      • In 1990, after years of duds like Oliver and Company, Disney roared back into theatres with The Little Mermaid, which just happened to be awesome.
      • There are some duds, some poems that not only risk the ridiculous but also achieve it.
      • This new album features instant classics as well as instant duds.
      • He knows the eternal value of his famous exit and is too smart to risk replacing it with a dud.
      • Many of the projects, it turns out, have actually been built, and they've proved colossal duds, leading a growing chorus of critics to question the studies' methods.
      • This winter's Peter Pan disappointed and now comes a dud.
      • In fact, that's only a fraction of the cost of a license, especially when the much-touted property turns out to be a dud.
      • This proposal is a dud, but at least it's an innovative dud.
      • The quality was ‘very bad’ and some shopkeepers and bar staff immediately realised they were being handed duds.
      • However, I also suspect subscriptions will start trickling in once people know they aren't duds.
      • They were all duds, made impotent by days of rain.
      • After suffering through countless duds, Sci-Fi has finally produced something tolerable, even entertaining, which is really saying something.
      • The Brazilian's music is so uneven (partly because he was so prolific) that some instalments are likely to be more rewarding than others, and though it is decently performed, this is definitely one of the duds.
      • There's really not a dud in the lot here as each show is well written and well intentioned from the outset.
      • I've promised some seeds to a friend in more northern climes, but have held off sending them for a few days while I waited to see if I'd carefully stored duds all winter.

    • 1.2(useless person)

      calamidad femenino
      inútil masculino
      • You can reduce the risk of hiring a dud by bringing someone on as a consultant or contractor first, says Cleveland biotech entrepreneur Andy Lefkowitz.
      • If all the players you off-load turn out to be duds you could perhaps pat yourself on the back.
      • I've just got this feeling that maybe he's a complete dud.
      • She has been a complete dud in the deputy's position.
      • Still, it's not as if he has been a complete dud when it comes to raising money.

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    (shell, bomb)

    bomba o granada que no estalla

  • 3duds plural

    trapos masculino coloquial
    pilchas femenino Cono Sur argot
    • The lucky couples had one week between being notified and tying the knot, during which time they had to procure some dressy duds, break the news to their families, and secure a New York State marriage license.
    • The heat may be rising outdoors, but you can look and feel cool at the office with these stylish and breathable business duds.
    • The actors eschew Victorian costumes in favor of contemporary concert duds that have enough embellishments to suggest who the characters are, and they use props sparingly.
    • Organize a clothes drive and donate duds to a local shelter.
    • It has a small selection of women's shoes and belts and a wide choice of designer duds, from simple Armani all the way up to extravagant Versace gowns.
    • They'll pick up and deliver your duds like any regular laundry service - with a few critical extras.
    • Check out these duds for ruggedly handsome brainiacs like yourselves.
    • Forget about dressing down; be one step ahead of your co-workers with these stylish duds that'll make you forget you're at work.
    • People look forward to it like a holiday, place their bets, put on their best professional sports-watching duds and throw lavish Super Bowl parties.
    • The stars put on their best Chanel duds for a party that was far from being a dud.
    • I was on my way home from school when this bunch of jerks in archaic duds tried to drive a knife into me.
    • My friend Pedo sent me this link with the message: ‘I think you'd look mighty fine in some of these fancy duds!’
    • Though mannequins are fixtures at most clothing retailers, they usually end up playing a sad second fiddle to the duds they display.
    • The svelte denim-look duds are actually waterproof and breathable poly-nylon wonders.
    • There you are dressed in your designer duds and no one can see you.
    • If travel isn't in your budget, maybe you'd like to sport some fancy new duds from Brown Sound Clothing.
    • A N.Y. Times article on the new designer duds for budget airline Song reveals some of the requirements for flight attendant uniform design.
    • I was wearing a festive but not overbearing reddish shirt and Keith was decked out in some sleek black duds.
    • I don't care who you are, how much money you have or what fancy duds you wear.
    • However ‘street’ they look, these duds are designed for performing.



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    (useless, valueless)
    (note/coin) falso
    (check) sin fondos
    (radio/watch) malo
    (watch/radio) de porquería Colombia Cono Sur coloquial
    (radio/watch) chafa México coloquial
    (radio/watch) berreta Río de la Plata coloquial
    a dud battery una pila gastada / que no funciona
    • Braised greens with smoked ham were the only real dud I found; they were merely irony, briny, and thin.
    • His lyricism has developed, the beats are tighter and there are no dud songs.
    • When it was really looked at, the Commission overturned it, not because there was any pressure on it, but because they realised it was a dud idea.
    • There remains, however, a world of difference between making an honest mistake and deliberately passing off a dud antique.
    • It is still saddled with a bloated bureaucracy, too many branches, and a portfolio of shaky or dud loans to state-owned enterprises.
    • Pubs and nightclubs which accepted dud euro banknotes from youths aged between 15 and 17 in return for alcoholic drinks could be prosecuted for serving young people.
    • And then, you will have bought a dud investment.
    • As far as your girl being a ‘gold’ digger, she'd be lucky to find a dud Bombay rupee in your piggy bank, James.
    • Do they go with another dud sequel, maybe even a prequel, or do they just remake the original?
    • There was always a dud round in there, always a tournament-wrecker amid some mini gems.
    • In sum, there isn't one dud piece in this blazingly honest gem of an anthology.
    • He is a dud director with an inconsistent tone.
    • Alternatively, it could be argued that the chart made a dud prediction, and astrology is entertaining hokum that has as much to do with the real Jupiter as chocolate bars do with Mars.
    • A woman who ran dud healthcare courses has been found guilty of handing out certificates she claimed were from qualifications body City and Guilds.
    • If someone discovers that they've been ripped off with excessive fees and charges 4 or 5 years down the track or they're in a dud product with a poor rate of return, it's very hard to unwind that product.
    • What woman would pay that for a guaranteed dud root?
    • Scottish consumers waste £12,000 in their lifetimes by signing up for dud products pushed on to them by banks and other financial institutions, according to a report.
    • Samantha was eventually arrested by the police in Barstow, Nevada trying to cash a dud cheque she had been given in a third-rate casino in Vegas in 1978.
    • Since then Richard, from Bredbury, has installed - and ripped out again - four faulty kitchen sets after the furniture company continued to send him units from a manufacturer's dud batch.
    • Hey, in the same 88-and-a-half grueling minutes you might spend with a dud date, you get to meet 20 dud dates.
    • Tengberg does not specify how the fraudster perpetrated their dastardly deeds - wouldn't the company have been insured against dud credit cards?
    • California's reliable climate means there's never a dud vintage, says William Foster
    • Most of the fraud was done by banking dud cheques and drawing on the funds before the cheques had cleared.
    • Trading Standards officers have warned shoppers buying jewellery over the internet this Christmas that they could be at risk from online fraudsters passing off fakes and dud goods as the real thing.
    • He has trailed his party and made a series of dud judgements.
    • Since then, Mann has made two albums in a row of glorious melodies matched to grim sagas of addiction, dud relationships and dead-ends.
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    (shell/bomb) que no estalla