Traducción de duffel bag en Español:

duffel bag

talego, n.


  • 1

    talego masculino
    tula femenino Colombia
    bolso marinero masculino Río de la Plata
    • He slung his duffel bag over one shoulder and turned to Raine who had put on a long wooly striped scarf.
    • The fifteen year old packed his favorite CDs in a hidden pouch in his duffel bag.
    • She was carrying a suitcase, a duffel bag, and a plastic bag that he could see held her shampoo.
    • Seriously, can you think of any legitimate reason for carrying an obscene amount of money in a duffel bag?
    • He stood up and threw his duffel bag onto his shoulder, and followed the smell.
    • He picked up his duffel bag that was near the door and carried it to the cab.
    • Witnesses say a man parked the car early this morning, then grabbed a duffel bag and bolted.
    • Jasmin stood in front of Jesse's house with a duffel bag strapped over her shoulder.
    • Lee starts to leave the school playground with his duffel bag upon his shoulder.
    • He had a duffel bag over his shoulder, and was attempting to walk down the stairs.
    • In one media report, a ramp worker was even caught with a duffel bag of ammunition and a gun at work.
    • Luke nearly bumped into a girl carrying a big duffel bag coming out of an alley.
    • She sighed as she began to walk again, shifting her duffel bag to the other shoulder.
    • She had her guitar case rested against the signpost and a huge duffel bag was slung over one shoulder.
    • He was carrying a black duffel bag that she had noticed after they had hid in the back yard.
    • The long duffel bag over her shoulder was covered in a plastic sheet, the only dry thing she had.
    • I slung my sleeping bag over my shoulder, picked up my duffel bag and headed outside.
    • I put my purse down on the bed and took my duffel bag and backpack from Trevor.
    • Bobby took the suitcase and the duffel bag from her and tossed them in the wagon.
    • She and Aaron left Caleb alone for a few minutes to get situated and unpack his duffel bag and suitcase.