Traducción de duly en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈd(j)uli//ˈdjuːli/


  • 1

    (as expected, planned)
    permission was duly granted el permiso fue concedido, como era de esperar
    • he duly arrived at four llegó a las cuatro, como estaba previsto
  • 2

    (correctly, properly)
    unless it is duly stamped a menos que esté debidamente sellado
    • your comments have been duly noted se ha tomado debida nota de sus observaciones
    • So long as the man holds the office, and exercises it duly and in accordance with law, his orders are not a nullity.
    • These resolutions were duly authorized actions of the Board of Directors of the USACA.
    • The penicillin duly arrived about midnight for the exclusive treatment of the young soldier.
    • The sales leaflet for it duly arrived and circulated amongst the staff.
    • She spoke on the phone to Joe and asked for a visiting order, which duly arrived on the following Thursday.
    • I never trust a buyer until I have his contract in my hand, duly signed and witnessed.
    • One has to produce a colour photograph of the family duly attested by the principal of the school.
    • They were entitled to rely on the professional men to ensure that the estate was duly wound up in a proper manner.
    • If he fail to answer the summons, let this be duly noted and he shall be required to find a pledge for his appearance.
    • He said Sikhism had become one of the five religions duly recognised by the King!
    • CDs were duly signed to finish things off and we have two to give away to lucky competition winners this week.
    • However that is all idle speculation now as I have been duly called and plans have been duly made.
    • It was news she failed to share with the voters who duly elected her.
    • I duly called this software support line, trying to hurry through the process as quickly as possible.
    • A birthday card was duly procured and signed, to the general amused delight of the table.
    • He returned, we duly stuffed up one transfer form and set to work on the other.
    • They were duly buried with full religious ceremony and laid to rest for a second time.
    • It merely provides that the signature of an agent shall be acceptable, if he is otherwise duly authorised.
    • Workers duly obliged and also insisted on the correct implementation of all the regulations.
    • They want corrupt lawmakers to be ousted and duly punished under any circumstances.