Traducción de dump en Español:


vertedero (de basura), n.

Pronunciación /dəmp//dʌmp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(place for waste)

      vertedero (de basura) masculino
      basurero masculino
      basural masculino América Latina
      tiradero masculino México
      botadero (de basura) masculino Andes
      • ‘Councillors will have to reduce the charges on the dump and then the rubbish collector will reduce his charges to us,’ she said.
      • Hear from the man who chaired the public meeting in Linton as well as the councillor who could well have Victoria's newest toxic waste dump in his shire.
      • Look for instance at plants: vandalized trees send out new shoots, grass grows on rubbish dumps, flowers spring up in scrap yards.
      • It added the poor tend to live in areas that are more prone to natural disasters such as flooding and landslides, or near heavily polluting factories, dumps and hazardous-waste sites.
      • When a public inquiry was held into the licensing of a proposed nuclear waste dump at Sellafield, bordering the Irish Sea, Ireland protested and made representations at the inquiry.
      • The federal government has been forced to abandon its six-year push to build a national nuclear waste dump near Woomera in South Australia.
      • He had argued with his boss that the managers of the European nuclear waste dump at La Hague in France should be warned, but he had been overruled.
      • The County and Swindon Borough councils propose to go ahead with building the new Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office on a proven toxic waste dump in Chippenham.
      • Some MPs also support a nuclear waste dump in the State.
      • The shops were closed and, if there were no major sporting event happening, people just pottered in the garden, took rubbish to the dump or took a big nap to catch up on sleep missed during the week.
      • Few know about the nuclear waste dump at 2229 Main Street.
      • He started when his son was very little, wandering around Victorian rubbish dumps looking for the ultimate antique lemonade bottle.
      • The South Australian Government is a strong ally, supporting their campaign to stop the radioactive waste dump from being established in the State.
      • This mentality is not endemic to Taiwan, of course; people in America, for example, don't want a nuclear waste dump near them either.
      • Putting a halting site beside a dump was unfair in the first place.
      • He raps in Tao about how angry his people are for having their homeland made into a nuclear waste dump.
      • Travellers turned a beautiful strip of greenery into a rubbish dump before clearing off from an unofficial site, an irate resident has claimed.
      • If you've been to the dump or bought rubbish bags lately you'll know about the costs associated with waste disposal.
      • It's taken more than a decade to locate a suitable site for the nuclear dump, and the Federal Government is not about to give it up.
      • The evidence starts to look more and more like foul play when Charlie discovers an illegal toxic waste dump right by the lake.
      • Both the Labor Government and CLP Opposition last night agreed to fight any moves to locate a national nuclear waste dump here.
      • As it stands, there is no act that differentiates procedurally between mining in the Namib-Naukluft National Park and mining next to a toxic waste dump.
      • ‘It was basically a rubbish dump, an eroded, neglected wasteland,’ he says.
      • ‘It's impossible to have a nuclear power station without having a nuclear waste dump,’ he said.
      • But the South Australian Parliament has already moved a Bill rejecting the facility as the first step towards a medium-level waste dump.
      • Most of the taxis outside the entrance doors look as if they were salvaged from a rubbish dump, and the Air-Conditioning is usually long gone.
      • Our gardens have been turned into rubbish dumps for discarded bottles, cans and crisp bags and it is disgraceful that extra police have to be employed on match days just to control the fans…
      • A year or two ago a rubbish dump in Argentina saw the odd sight of jobless professionals combing the trash-heaps for food.
      • Is it likely that Australia's going to need a high level waste dump as well?
      • Still, villagers persisted in using the site as their waste dump.
      • The graveyard was buried by undergrowth for two centuries - added to by locals using the site as an unofficial dump, and few islanders knew the role the cemetery played in Barbadian history.
      • However, it should not be used as a dump for other household rubbish.
      • Mounds of rotting and stinking garbage lie uncollected in almost all parts of the city and it is common to find rubbish dumps blocking roads and broken pipes spewing raw sewer in townships.
      • Some harbour board members fear that it will be in the area of the Deep Water Quay, coming through the site of the old dump.
      • Are you in favour of a nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory?
      • A loony spider farm owner feeds his pets with crickets that have been contaminated in a nearby chemical waste dump.
      • Let me tell you, there's a reason that the mutant monsters in horror films generally come from one of two places, a nuclear waste dump or a sewer.
      • The owners of a pub and sandwich bar in the village both said they knew nothing about their refuse being deposited at the illegal dump.
      • At the site of a former dump, gem hunters can spy all kinds of brilliant, wave-polished beach glass.
      • Right next to the Cahokia park, just behind where I took these photographs, is the most unseemly of sites, a garbage dump.

    • 1.2(heap of waste)

      montón de basura masculino
      to take a dump hacer del dos Perú México coloquial
      • The sons bring in some additional income, by looking for scrap metal on rubbish tips and scrap heaps or by digging coal from waste dumps and spoil heaps.

  • 2

    (temporary store)
    depósito masculino
    ammunition dump depósito de armas
    • stores dump intendencia
  • 3

    dump masculino
    vuelco de memoria masculino
    volcado de memoria masculino
    • Sure, they don't do physical memory dumps (and as such don't allow you do undo things that were only performed in memory in the first place), but that's what Hibernate is for.
    • We say it'll take two weeks, then get the temp to just copy the asset numbers over from a dump I'll grab out of the asset database.
    • It is worth noting that IMAP is a text-based protocol, so a simple ASCII dump of the packet contents is an appropriate way to show them.
    • Trouble is, the raw dump consists entirely of memory addresses.
    • Instead of file system dumps, this data set contained specific file system information such as changed files, inode information, and important log files.
    • The idea is that eventually we'll max out the AI's storage space, forcing it to do a memory dump.
    • You should be able to do a dump and load for the SQL database.
    • Attempts to track keystrokes and transfer graphics buffer memory contents are bypassed, he said, and it will be a lot more difficult to find critical data from main memory dumps.
    • Are either of these devices what you really need for data dumps from one PC to another?
  • 4coloquial

    (unpleasant place)
    lugar de mala muerte masculino
    • Ricky was the manager, or boss, of this dump of a convenient store.
    • I refrain from saying anything but I'm surprised anyone could be protective of this dump.
    • Retain a local real estate expert to find them housing - somebody who you trust will only show them nice apartments, not ratty dumps, and pay all the broker fees.
    • Why not just set up a statue of a golden calf taking a dump on a reel of film in the middle of Hollywood and be done with it?
    • Probably not, considering I saw her taking a dump on the sidewalk the other day.
    • They're an integral part, without it we'd live in a dump.
    • I sure don't want to lug my computer into the bathroom while I take a dump and read…
    • In 1988, he talks his parents into renting an apartment next to his dump on 6th Street by arguing, Hey, this way you can learn Manhattan.
    • They stage stunts in which, in but one example, they take a dump in a toilet on display in a hardware store.
    • Someday, she'd own her own store but until then she was stuck working in this dump.
    • Or is that just for us regular folk who don't drink champagne for breakfast and take dumps on solid gold toilets?
    • I work at the local nightclub, the money's not great, but then nether is this, living in a dump, alone with my memories and emotions.
  • 5dumps plural

    to be (down) in the dumps estar / andar con la depre coloquial

verbo transitivo

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    • 1.1(get rid of)

      (refuse/waste) deshacerse de
      (refuse/waste) tirar
      (refuse/waste) botar América del Sur Río de la Plata
      • People have found places to dump their unwanted trash and garbage in places they deem ‘away’ in order to avoid paying tipping fees.
      • Infuriated residents watched on helplessly as lorry loads of human waste sludge was dumped within 40 metres of their homes last weekend.
      • Construction waste is dumped illegally because it costs money to dispose of building rubble and obtaining a permit to deposit clay and topsoil on a site is a two-month process.
      • The system disposes of drill debris in a contained manner which meets more stringent environmental regulations that prevent companies dumping waste into the sea.
      • The roads and pavements here are used to dump debris and construction material, thus hindering pedestrians and vehicular movement.
      • Every time someone dumps their rubbish or unwanted furniture here, we have to sort it out.
      • My wife and I are regular walkers in this area and continue to be amazed by the amount of rubbish and trash dumped by the ‘good’ residents of North Bedfordshire.
      • All that is required is an artistic mind that finds unconventional uses for unwanted material dumped in scrap heaps, or abandoned in rubbish dumps.
      • The scheme requires people using a van or trailer to dump rubbish at household waste sites to pay for a permit.
      • It is illegal to dump any waste material at sea and all vessels will have to log and land their waste on returning from sea.
      • Treaty signatories also undertake not to dump or allow other states to dump radioactive materials or wastes in the zone of coverage.
      • Before the days of regular garbage pick up, farmers used to dump their unwanted junk in fields and ravines behind their barns.
      • Some 252 fabric shops dumped their solid waste while 283 manufacturers disposed of their liquid waste into the river.
      • Because the settlement has no sewerage, residents dump water and wastes in the dirt streets.
      • Red-faced environment chiefs today pledged there will be no repeat of the Hampshire scandal which saw tons of recyclable waste dumped in rubbish tips.
      • They are being used by many, but a lot more recyclable materials are being dumped or disposed of because of a lack of effort.
      • Environment Agency officials visited the site after being told waste was dumped there and discovered rubbish being buried in a series of ‘cells’.
      • Work is proceeding on clearing the open space in Oakridge Road used by the contractors to dump soil and waste during the building work.
      • The previous inspections found both boats were dumping sewage, food waste and untreated water into the ocean.
      • Two major directives on the removal of packaging and organic waste from material dumped into landfills are to be passed into law next year.

    • 1.2

      to dump goods/products inundar el mercado con mercancías/productos a bajo precio

    • 1.3informal

      plantar coloquial
      botar América del Sur Río de la Plata coloquial
      largar Río de la Plata coloquial
      • Jackson had just dumped his bags on the floor, rather carelessly.
      • ‘Make yourselves comfortable,’ said Raphael as he dumped his bag carelessly on the sofa.
      • I parked the trolley and grabbed up the paper, dumping it unceremoniously on top of the counter, and started flicking through it.
      • If my boyfriend dumps me, I'm only picking up a block of tofu if I can throw it at his head.
      • Immediately they both ripped open their first stick and dumped the sugar in their mouths.
      • He walked over to the teacher's desk and dumped his books on it, plonked himself into the chair, and surveyed the class.
      • She quickly shoved the cookie into the bag, and dumped the rest of them in there.
      • I was jealous of my best friend, who had just dumped the girl I was falling for.
      • He'd been really lax since his girlfriend dumped him.
      • When my college boyfriend dumped me it took me over a year to get right in the head over it.
      • She dumped her bag next to her chair and plonked all her food on the table.
      • But, her boyfriend dumped her before it and she's taking me instead.
      • Her boyfriend had dumped her, the staff at the newspaper had bailed on her, yet still she managed to keep up appearances, as if nothing was wrong.
      • With a squeal of pleasure, she fell upon the black sack and ripped it open, dumping the contents on the ground.
      • In no time flat, all of his friends leave him, his girlfriend dumps him, his belongings are repossessed, and his home is foreclosed.
      • After your boyfriend dumps you to run off and join the Society of Friends, you may wish to banish or change your emotions before that big meeting about your promotion with the VP later today.
      • He nudged her, catching up with her as she broke away from the group to get her water supply from where she'd dumped her bag onto one of the nearby park benches.
      • Collette dumped her bag by her bed and dropped onto the sheets.
      • James flung the magnum open and dumped the used casings, deftly replacing them with fresh rounds.
      • My boyfriend dumped me about two weeks ago because ‘it wasn't working out.’
      • I dumped my bag on the floor and plunked myself on the bed, too tired to move.
      • Just don't pick it up after your girlfriend dumps you, or your dog dies - I won't be held responsible for the consequences.
      • Carelessly, she dumped her lunch out, its contents spilling all across the floor.
      • He casually tipped the chair next to him where he had dumped the pieces of the pictures, and the pieces fell quietly onto the floor beneath the chair.
      • He dumped a heavy rucksack on the floor and stuck his hands into the pockets of his jeans.
      • We found out later this guy's girlfriend had just dumped him.
      • She carelessly dumped her books and pens on the table and, aggravated, slumped into the expensive chair.
      • I'm not going to fall for his charm just to get dumped a week later.
      • You know, a little less than two weeks ago my biggest problem was that my girlfriend dumped me because she thought I was checking out some other girl.
      • But right then, a careless maid dumped a bucket of too-cold water into her tub.
      • The youngest daughter gets a boyfriend, he dumps her.
      • ‘Um, yeah,’ she answered, dumping her books on her desk and dropping her backpack with a sigh of relief.
      • When my last boyfriend dumped me, I began this site; through this site, I met Alex.
      • It's really embarrassing, and I'm afraid my girlfriend will dump me if I keep this up.
      • I guess he really does care about his girlfriend dumping him after all.
      • At least that's why my last two girlfriends dumped me.
      • At around the same time, his long-term girlfriend dumped him and he had a traumatic first - and only - encounter with his sister.
      • He dumped the food onto a plate and stuck it in the microwave.
      • She walked over in a rush to her table, and dumped her bag heavily on the floor next to her.
      • When her boyfriend dumps her, you are secretly delighted.

  • 2

    • 2.1(set on ground)

      (load/soil/sand) descargar
      (soil/load/sand) verter
      he dumped the bags (down) beside the car plantó las maletas junto al coche coloquial

    • 2.2informal (leave)

      the taxi dumped us (off) at the airport el taxi nos dejó en el aeropuerto
      • where can I dump my things? ¿dónde puedo dejar / poner mis cosas?

    • 2.3Informática

      (disks/data) volcar
      • The last parameters mean the filesystem should not be dumped and checked in the second order.
      • It will do this automatically, and its data will be dumped onto a public website where anyone can access it.
      • Now's your chance to dump some of those really large cached files.
      • After a set amount of time, if power is not yet restored, the system will dump data from the cache to the attached RAID systems.

verbo intransitivo


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