Traducción de dump truck en Español:

dump truck

volquete, n.


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    volquete masculino
    dumper masculino España
    camión de volteo masculino México
    camión volteador masculino Río de la Plata
    volqueta femenino Colombia
    • As the thin trunks are piled onto trucks, other workers throw branches into a chipper, which sprays thumb-sized pieces of wood into a dump truck.
    • The driver was standing in line for his food at the time his dump truck began rolling.
    • The dump truck struck the tractor trailer while traveling at a speed in excess of 74 k/hr.
    • Then, struck by a dump truck, it tottered on its lip for a moment.
    • Designed to convert a pickup truck into a dump truck, the insert product is 32 years old and costs around $2,300.
    • A second post from the guy that hates his blog today doesn't mean he'll be back; he's just clearing the air after a dump truck drove by it.
    • With his life savings he bought a dump truck and a backhoe.
    • The drummer, grinning at the joke, lounges on the open gate of the dump truck, his drums nestled among the garbage.
    • A dump truck was on the track here at this intersection that you see.
    • Two decades ago, this kind of storage would have necessitated a dump truck.
    • As the van was passing the car, a dump truck appeared traveling in the opposite direction and the two vehicles were unable to avoid a collision.
    • An orange dump truck lumbers up the street followed by workers with picks and sledgehammers.
    • The Supreme Court left the door open just a crack, and they drove a dump truck through it.
    • A horn caught her attention, and she snapped her head up to see she was still in motion, in the middle of an intersection, with a city dump truck headed towards her.
    • The tanker did not explode but its cab, the dump truck and another truck burst into flames that burned other drivers and terrified onlookers.
    • They wear orange jump suits and swoop down from some ungodly perch and sweep and gather and toss it all into the back of a dump truck with unmarked California exempt plates.
    • The main appeal, of course, is that you can pull them along behind a dump truck or other multipurpose vehicle and forego the expense of a dedicated tractor.
    • The articulated dump truck was made to be more versatile.
    • I decided to leave the house, and as I pulled out of my driveway, I decided to follow the next dump truck I saw.
    • From there, a dump truck took them to the river and a waiting helicopter.