Traducción de dumping ground en Español:

dumping ground

vertedero, n.


  • 1

    vertedero masculino
    basurero masculino
    basural masculino América Latina
    tiradero masculino México
    botadero masculino Andes
    • A number of run-down plots are also turning into dumping grounds, and this is leading to damage on the boundary fence, which could lead to problems with neighbours.
    • What happens in one or two years when this becomes the dumping grounds?
    • It is also a dumping ground for rubbish which can lie hidden under the surface as a potentially deadly hazard to anyone jumping in.
    • Colonies still tended to be seen primarily as valuable sources of raw materials, as dumping grounds for surplus population, or as means of adding to the nation's stock of bullion.
    • It is an offence to swim in the river, which has also become a dumping ground for rubbish, adding hidden dangers.
    • By 1914 Wiltshire's canals had dried up and for many years they became dumping grounds for rubbish as the war pushed any development plans into the background.
    • A dumping ground for rubbish has been transformed into a prestigious new beach hut site.
    • There is a pond between the entrance gate and the main building of the tomb which is completely dry and virtually a dumping ground of rubbish.
    • Two cavalierly installed galleries served as dumping grounds for works without an overt social consciousness.
    • Then the ground was left to become the dumping ground for all the rubbish in the world.
    • It is also a dumping ground for rubbish which lies hidden under the water until some rash jumper or diver makes sudden contact.
    • For many years the site has been used as a dumping ground of many items including certain noxious material picked up by road cleansing vehicles and dumped on the site.
    • They believe the estate has become a dumping ground for troublemakers from other estates.
    • Now it is a dumping ground for surplus crops: out-of-date fertilisers and medicines, unwanted meat and cheap rice.
    • She is calling for reuse and recycling initiatives to deal with e-waste, as the nation's landfills have become dumping grounds for these products which leak dangerous chemicals such as lead, mercury and zinc into the environment.
    • A once-lovely park is now just a dumping ground for rubbish.
    • The open grass area is now damaged and is used as a dumping ground by fly-tippers to dump old fridges and washing machines.
    • Every other night youngsters are starting fires around here because people are using back yards as dumping grounds.
    • It had turned into a dumping ground at the convenience of the people of the new estate.
    • Discussions are underway at present to build a wall at the back of the dump to block-off the entrance to the dumping ground.