Traducción de dust storm en Español:

dust storm

tormenta de polvo, n.


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    tormenta de polvo femenino
    • The Chinook crashed in a dust storm 80 miles southwest of the capital city of Kabul.
    • The first bad omen was meteorological - a huge dust storm that some Afghans said was a harbinger of a repressive government.
    • The drought claimed another victim on Wednesday - thousands of tonnes of topsoil, picked up by strong westerly winds and turned into a dust storm that covered a large part of NSW and southern Queensland.
    • A violent dust storm struck Beijing Thursday morning, darkening the skies and sending residents scurrying for cover.
    • It was a wild weekend of weather in some states, starting with a massive dust storm whipping across the southeast of New South Wales on Friday.
    • Luckily, the dust storm had cleared and the full moon helped to illuminate the settlement in the distance.
    • What you're looking at is a dust storm with winds as high as 45 miles an hour.
    • It starts with a mild sore throat, often after a bad dust storm such as the two-day gale that raged last week.
    • That dust storm actually brought some rain with it.
    • Shamal is the indigenous word that describes the rapid onset of winds in the desert and the ensuing dust storm.
    • I watched for nights as they came with rockets flashing red through the sky and again on impact so they could see through the never-ending dust storm.
    • NASA scientists using satellite instruments monitored what they are calling the largest dust storm in the northern hemisphere since 1979.
    • In late October last year, Queensland had its largest dust storm in more than 40 years.
    • The training patrol turned out be a challenging exercise due to a violent dust storm.
    • At about two a tremendous dust storm came in followed by hailstones as big as cricket balls.
    • The dust storm carried over into the cavern, sending the exploration team diving for cover.
    • The city witnessed an unprecedented dust storm and gusty winds, followed by torrential rain, on Monday evening, throwing life out of gear.
    • Despite the dust storm, it landed on the surface and for a few tantalising moments started transmitting the first view from the Martian surface.
    • One large storm system is churning high above the northern polar cap at the top of the picture, and a smaller dust storm cloud can be seen nearby.
    • They could end up lost, his instructors had strongly warned, or emerge in the core of a sun or in the middle of a dust storm, a myriad of places from which they could never return.