Traducción de dustpan en Español:


pala, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdəs(t)pæn//ˈdʌs(t)pan/


  • 1

    pala femenino
    recogedor masculino
    • Nothing kills the festive spirit as much as someone whisking under your feet with a dustpan and brush, folding up wrapping paper and tutting about all the pine needles.
    • After 10 minutes of pointed bashing about with a dustpan and brush, the nice guy next door came in.
    • They have no support workers to collect the rubbish that they gather; instead they carry their full dustpans across the busy streets to empty them in the nearest dustbins.
    • I got on the train, and it lingered long enough for me to watch two of the sweepy-uppy guys with the dustpans and brushes on long handles to sweep round him.
    • We had to sweep it up into a dustpan and then wash the floor down.
    • He grimaced as he noted the shattered glass by the mantelpiece, and moved to the kitchen to find a dustpan and brush.
    • Residents of the hall closet - feather dusters, fly swatters and dustpans - all wait their turn to perform.
    • I gave up counting the number of times I got up in the morning with dustpan and brush to sweep the broken glass from the passenger seat.
    • The mats are paired with two black plastic dustpans in search of a referent.
    • The room still smelled faintly of the pizza that had been served that afternoon during lunch, and two janitors walked around with their brooms and dustpans sweeping up wrappers and discarded pieces of food from the floors.
    • We called in at a discount store on the way home but we weren't really in the mood for shopping and nothing there appealed to us except a dustpan and brush for sweeping up all those cat hairs.
    • I grabbed my dustpan and broom, swept him in, and deposited him in the trash.
    • Now, with the dustpan and brush in her hands and a furious, cold-eyed expression on her face, my mother explained that she was about to punish me again.
    • ‘It isn't funny,’ I hissed, then walked into the broom cupboard to find a dustpan and brush.
    • Young men sweep piles of discarded petals, stems and leaves into gigantic metal dustpans, while others move stacks of boxes back and forth on wide trolleys.
    • The concrete steps didn't look too bad when I started, but by the time I was done, my dustpan held a dust bunny that was truly frightening.
    • This year, without making a conscious decision, I've been sweeping ants carefully into dustpans and removing them to the back yard.
    • Then he got a dustpan and brush, and swept the whole mess up.
    • She slid open the doors of her kitchen and walked into it once more grabbing the dustpan and brush once more.
    • Morgan sweeps the last piece of china into the dustpan and heads towards the kitchen.