Traducción de duty en Español:


deber, n.

Pronunciación /ˈd(j)udi//ˈdjuːti/

nombrePlural duties

  • 1

    deber masculino
    obligación femenino
    to do one's duty (by sb) cumplir con su (or mi etc.) deber / obligación (para con algn)
    • it is the duty of every citizen to vote votar es el deber / la obligación de todo ciudadano
    • he did it out of a sense of duty lo hizo porque le parecía que era su deber
    • she made it her duty to … se impuso la obligación de …
    • I have a duty to keep my partners informed es mi obligación / mi deber mantener informados a mis socios
    • before noun duty call / visit visita de cumplido
    • The action group said the government has a moral duty to see its commitments honoured and its grants, believed to be up to $10 million, put to their intended use.
    • They have to do their duty and their responsibility.
    • When all is said and done, what we are up against is every man's reluctance to do his duty, to abide by the dictates of society.
    • It has been my anxious wish to do my duty to my country, though politics never were congenial to me and while my dear Husband lived I left as much as I could to him.
    • But doesn't the council have a moral duty, a duty to invest in the education and the future independence of these young people?
    • Because of this, each and every one of us have a civic duty and a moral responsibility to ensure that we do everything possible to eliminate the current problem.
    • It's compulsory here and I think it's only right that I do my duty for the country, just like everyone else does.
    • If you are sick, you must do your duty to avoid infecting others and avoid all public places.
    • The clothes are the first commercially available to know the difference between right and wrong, and to see through their moral duty and obligation.
    • I hope the government would not shirk its responsibility and discharge its moral and legal duty by taking stringent action against such venomous statement.
    • This raises the moral question: should caring be only a family duty, or a responsibility for the whole of society?
    • Many voters seem to have simply failed to do their duty.
    • Unless one believes that there is an absolute obligation to obey every law, moral duty and legal duty will sometimes come into conflict.
    • I sat in a jury room with many others and listened to a judge explain that it was our responsibility as citizens to do our duty and participate in the system.
    • They share a strong non-dogmatic Christian faith and from it flows a commitment to do their duty to their country and their people.
    • Rather than admit their error and commit to their legal and moral duties under the First Amendment, administrators chose to ban all window displays.
    • To the last minute of my holding the presidency, I will responsibly do my duty.
    • It's to do my duty as a physician, and they often have disagreeable outcomes when you do your duty, and this is one very disagreeable outcome.
    • But beyond this, the argument fudges a person's legal duties and his moral duties.
    • But a career Naval officer learns early to do his duty, to shoulder responsibilities no matter how grim they may be.
  • 2

    • 2.1(service)

      servicio masculino
      a spell of duty abroad una temporada de servicio en el extranjero
      • to do night duty hacer el turno nocturno
      • before noun duty chemist farmacia de guardia / de turno
      • duty roster lista de guardias
      • duty solicitor abogado de oficio
      • In order to avoid military duty, he had joined a circus and stayed on for two years.
      • Although they were simply exempted from military duty in the past, they are now being punished for willingly violating the Conscription Law.
      • On this Veterans Day, about 180,000 members of the National Guard and reserves are serving on active military duty.
      • It is not uncommon for a minister to drive 6-10,000 miles per year in carrying out the ministerial duties for a congregation.
      • The primary service was military duty as a mounted knight.
      • This would have meant that the minister's duties could be changed or added to after a set number of years.
      • Both have seen active military duty, and both are survivors of the attack on the Pentagon.
      • My wife and I know what it is like to lose a much-loved son needlessly on military duty in a distant country and we wouldn't wish that dreadful heartache and pain on anyone.
      • It was certainly permeable to see that he wasn't a pacifist; otherwise he'd have not signed for military duty.
      • For parents away on military duty, she suggests posting a map of the world with a push pin indicating the location of the parent.
      • For example, in a management letter, an auditor told a church to do a better job in segregating of duties when it came to handling offerings from the Sunday services.
      • I have just one thing to ask: do you support the immediate dismissal from military duty of all over 35 fathers who request such a dismissal?
      • We're informed the number of resignations from the unit has also risen to unprecedented levels, as men choose family life over military duty.
      • For the increasing number of Black women on active military duty, this is still part of the job description.
      • A Retro-Guy will take care of his neighbor's yard when said neighbor is deployed overseas on military duty.
      • As a young boy I was enthralled listening to my father's stories and of his experiences while on military duty in Thailand.
      • Why should ordinary Koreans pay taxes for those shirkers who educate their children abroad and avoid military service duties?
      • Volunteer soldiers came to military duty no better armed, equipped, or trained than had their earlier militia counterparts.
      • For now, she continues with her ministerial duties, serving the church she sees as part of her family.
      • As much as $10,000 of the budgets could be used to help the church pay for pastoral duties during its pastor's absence.
      • The Brahmanas are rituals and prayers to guide the priests in their duties.
      • The individual who wishes to resign his duties as a priest normally asks his diocese for a leave.
      • It is estimated they have over three million men of military age fit for duty.
      • Speaking of old friends, I will be at the Wet Spot tonight to give a big hug to a great local guy, S, who's just returned from military duty overseas.
      • Our heroic past should help to educate the personnel of today's army and navy in a spirit of patriotism and loyalty to one's military duty.
      • The other recurring problem is the avoidance of military service by privileged youth during peacetime and combat duty during wars.
      • All male citizens serve compulsory periods of military duty between the ages of twenty and fifty.

    • 2.2duties pluralformal (responsibilities)

      funciones femenino
      responsabilidades femenino
      when do you take up your duties? ¿cuándo asume usted sus funciones?
      • to neglect one's duties descuidar sus (or mis etc.) responsabilidades
      • Proficiency is a sum total of special skills, knowledge, and practical experience enabling a naval officer to perform particular functions and duties.
      • Many officers do not, and are not required to, perform all the duties of a police officer.
      • Of course, there are hundreds of people on campus that perform many duties that do not include teaching.
      • We have to now examine very closely our recruitment process and also how we check on a day-to-day basis on the way our officers perform their duties.
      • Staff are assigned primary duties to perform in case of a fire along with a back-up staff.
      • If for any reason the Police Commissioner cannot perform his duties, the most senior Deputy Commissioner is temporarily assigned the role.
      • After the session, most people feel relaxed and mellow but in complete control of all of their faculties and able to perform any task or duty such as driving or working.
      • Candidates could better spend their time meeting with voters, and incumbents could better use their time to perform their official duties.
      • How do you know the staff who arrive at camp are qualified to perform the duties you are requiring of them?
      • You will have sentry duty to perform in the evening and duties throughout the day.
      • Those remarks were considered by the administration as ‘a part of a longer term record of inability to perform her duties,’ an official said.
      • The appellant was a domestic employee in the hospital, whose duties included such tasks as taking water to the patients.
      • Rather, the individual is required to perform certain duties which go to the heart of African society.
      • Included among his duties is the task of providing students counsel and guidance on sexual health issues.
      • The Master Pilots had previously agreed to keep performing their duties, which include making contact with ship's captains and assessing safety measures.
      • Boys and girls were trained for the separate duties and tasks required in the gendered world of their day.
      • He also encouraged the government officials to perform their duties well and use the law with justice, so that they may regain the good reputation for all Thai governmental agencies.
      • As a result, he needed the car to perform his official duties.
      • Officers chosen to conduct the battalion's tactical planning need to have the proper training and experience in order to perform their required duties.
      • They also have acquired a ‘natural moral sense’ that inclines them to perform the social duties required for the species to flourish.

  • 3

    impuesto masculino
    to pay duty on sth pagar impuestos sobre algo
    • excise duties impuestos internos / al consumo
    • One aspect is that the price will self-level after the rich, dumb, early adopters grab their wedge and sales fall; the profit margin will drop before the import duties and sales tax do.
    • The cascading impact of import duties, excise and sales tax should be drastically reduced to make computer hardware more affordable.
    • Many governments put tariffs on the import of goods, whether stated as an import duty or a sales tax only on imported goods.
    • The excise duty on alcohol is unique among the trade taxes that she and her department oversees as it hits the consumer and the Irish wine industry.
    • Under the terms of the legislation, horse and greyhound racing are guaranteed income from excise duty on off-course betting.
    • He said his company had benefited from the reduction of excise duty on carbonated soft drinks which had resulted in sales going up.
    • If the object were to use the pricing mechanism to stop young people from imbibing or indulging in alcohol, why would one decrease the excise duty on high-alcohol spirits?
    • The excise duty on tobacco has risen by 23 percent.
    • Licence duties tend to have very small disincentive effects on car ownership due to their relatively low level (they are primarily put in place by governments to raise revenue).
    • Vat, excise duties, income tax and capital gains tax receipts have been hit already.
    • In fact, all of those entities would undoubtedly make money off the transactions in the long term, if not quite as much as some of them might have with the import and export duties in place.
    • Reduction in duties under Transfer of Residence reduced from 30 per cent to 15 per cent on 17 items.
    • The importance of the duty on wool exports established in 1275 was that it became a permanent addition to the Crown's peacetime revenue.
    • He said the alternative to the current excise duty on mineral water would be imposing tax on non-carbonated drinks which unlike water, were not a necessity.
    • The excise duty on cigarettes was raised by 38c, and the tax on pipe tobacco by 35c per 25 grams.
    • The only tax laws were enacted in 1683; these placed a small duty on liquor and cider, a general duty on goods, and an export duty on bides and furs.
    • Now think about the income tax that would have been collected from that incremental pension income stream, and the Vat and excise duties from the incremental income.
    • Third, export duties on most manufactures were abolished.
    • Strip the Church of its tax exemption and levy huge duties against its property value.
    • Getting the manufacturing association to back a duty on low-priced Chinese imports was a victory for small manufacturers.
    • In 1275 a customs duty on wool exports, at the rate of 6s. 8d. per sack, was introduced.
    • One thing Andrew did find out is that import duties on cars manufactured in South Africa for the export market would be waived if re-imported.
    • Through the existence of a subsidiary, the firm may manipulate the internal transfer price and thus reduce the payment of taxes and duties.
    • Most of it had provisions that made the duty assessable on the property referred to in the will, and things of that kind.
    • There have been regular cuts in the excise duty on finished goods and in the import duty on imported raw materials, mainly titanium dioxide.
    • The decrease is partly blamed on import duties imposed on Namibian exporters at the border posts and the port of Namibe that is slowly picking up in business.
    • Remove duty on share issues and share transfers.
    • We have a budget lower than ten years ago, with the Government continuing to impose additional duties and not properly finance them.
    • Put another way, costs that used to be absorbed by the private sector in the form of export and import duties and tariffs have been transferred onto taxpayers in the form of security costs.
    • The customs duty on imports was at first designed only to raise revenue.
    • Excise, import and export duties are collected by the directorate general of customs and excise.
    • It is also bound to highlight the differences in prices caused by the different rates of VAT and excise duty on different goods.
    • Although they were happy to see the end of duties on imported raw materials and on their exports of manufactures, they were anxious to maintain import duties on British manufactures.
    • These include priority treatment in obtaining basic infrastructure services and significant reductions in national and local income taxes, land fees, and import and export duties.
    • He said his country had succeeded in reducing poverty by means of reducing tax brackets to the lower income group as well as reducing transfer duties payable on acquisition of property.
    • It might need adjustment, e.g. a duty on luxury imports to bring it to the present tax take.
    • Taxes on foreign trade (both import duties and export taxes) are also relatively easily monitored and collected.
    • Obvious examples of where this principle is being flouted are Vehicle Registration Tax and the duty on wine.
    • If you buy from Britain, be sure to double-check the precise duty on your prospective purchase with the Vehicle Registration Office before you go for it.
    • In an industrial European country, for example Germany, an import duty on wheat raises the domestic price to the level of the world market price plus the import duty.