Traducción de dye en Español:


tintura, n.

Pronunciación /daɪ//dʌɪ/

nombrePlural dyes

  • 1

    (for hair, shoes, fabric)
    tintura femenino
    tinte masculino
    • In 1856 a colour was discovered, mauve, our first synthetic dye.
    • I quickly made way to the hair dye and looked at the many colors.
    • After the yarn had been spun it would be dyed using natural dyes.
    • Tattoo dyes, particularly red dye, can cause allergic skin reactions, resulting in an itchy rash at the tattoo site.
    • Urzela, a natural substance used in dyes, was another imported crop.
    • One of the major practical applications of chromophore chemistry is in the manufacture of synthetic dyes, or dyestuffs, for textiles.
    • It was made with natural and synthetic dyes on wool.
    • Natural dye from the juice of pokeberries splashed a rosy glow on the cheeks.
    • Biologists have long used fluorescent dyes that selectively attach to particular molecules, allowing them to detect certain cells or proteins in a sample.
    • This article deals with the printmaking process, the color dyes and the papers used.
    • For the most part, though, manufacturers adopted recipes using synthetic dyes, or mixtures of synthetic and natural dyes, to provide whatever colors were in demand.
    • Shelves lined the walls containing hair dye, gel, conditioner and a wide variety of shampoos and shaving lotions.
    • Ammonia in hair dye softens the hair shaft to allow the colourant to penetrate and adhere to it.
    • We've used some vegetable dyes with varying success.
    • The woman couldn't help but feel a little envious, seeing how natural her hair looked without any dye in it at all.
    • I washed the black dye out of my hair and bleached it a bright white-blonde.
    • Gia bleached her hair blond and Josh liked playing with hair dye.
    • His black hair dye, piercings, and all of the other punk-related objects were gone.
    • To pick out fingerprints, for example, they often dust with fluorescent dye under a black light.
    • I had bought a box of black hair dye earlier with the intention of using it, but had lost my nerve when I got home with it.
  • 2

    color masculino

verbo transitivodyeing, dyed, dyes

  • 1

    (shoes/cloth/dress/hair) teñir
    he dyed the cloth red tiñó la tela de rojo
    • she dyes her hair blonde se tiñe el pelo de rubio
    • She wore yellow contact lenses, her hair was dyed black with red streaks, and she had numerous piercings.
    • Taking a spare molex extension cable, I vinyl dyed it black and put a cable tie around it to keep the wires from tangling.
    • Leather can be dyed with a sort of liquid stain - think about dyeing a pair of shoes or a handbag.
    • ‘When your mom takes you to the store to buy your hair dye and then dyes it for you, you're not getting the true meaning of punk,’ he states.
    • Wang Lung dyes eggs in red dye to distribute to other villagers in honor of the birth of his first male child.
    • She wore black and she had dyed her hair black, but the blonde roots were beginning to grow out.
    • In acid dyes, which are good for dyeing wool, silk, and acrylics, the chromophores are part of a negative ion.
    • She left Lancashire in the mid-1980s to farm on Islay, hand shearing her own rare breed sheep, spinning their wool into yarn, dyeing it with natural dyes and knitting it.
    • Paper pulp is dyed with textile dyes and cut images are pressed into the paper when wet.
    • She had used the black hair dye to dye the bottom five inches of her flaming red hair black.
    • She will probably recommend that you dye the pants black or a very dark color.
    • Max and Matthew are twins and they look completely similar except that Max dyed his blond hair black.
    • I can dye your hair blonde and put on some make up.
    • Today, the indigo used to dye the heavy cotton fibers to make denim is produced synthetically.
    • Her long, black hair was dyed fuchsia at the tips and was streaked with blond.
    • His brown hair was dyed blonde, but just a little so it just looked highlighted.
    • Since they leave an indelible black stain on everything they touch, they are perhaps best reserved for dyeing sheepskins black, as in the Rio Grande Valley.
    • On the advice of her lawyers, she dyed her hair platinum blonde and wore a two-piece black suit.
    • I must admit that I do find it hilarious that she's cut her hair short and dyed it blonde for the role.
    • As soon as she was well enough to walk, she dyed her clothes black and staggered out onto the street.

verbo intransitivodyeing, dyed, dyes

  • 1

    this fabric doesn't dye well esta tela no se tiñe bien