Traducción de dynamic en Español:


dinámico, adj.

Pronunciación /dʌɪˈnamɪk//daɪˈnæmɪk/


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    (economy/person/personality) dinámico
    • Both the capitalist economy and the world climate are complex, dynamic systems.
    • Yet, they are dynamic and open to assimilate and incorporate new ideas that explain further aspects of change.
    • He is dynamic and a good ball handler, yet he also has the ability to scrummage well.
    • Along comes the brash dynamic young executive with pronounced ideas upon improving efficiency.
    • Tony Meola, the league's reigning MVP, was as inspirational as he was dynamic last season.
    • Web sites, by their very nature, are dynamic and need to change over time.
    • The many sequences involving herds of horses racing at full speed are very dynamic with effective use of the surrounds.
    • To use a cliché, the only constant in a dynamic economy is change.
    • In this work, networks are conceived as dynamic systems that self-assemble and evolve in time through the addition and removal of actors and ties.
    • He's dynamic, he's bright, he's an inspiring person.
    • They see this as an area that needs to be better planned in order to deliver the kind of roads and other back up services demanded by a modern dynamic economy.
    • We are always adapting and changing; we are dynamic, not stagnant beings.
    • The dynamic nature of curricula in general, and the curriculum at our school in particular, also poses a challenge to the interpretation of the results.
    • Because many factors are involved and they are dynamic, responses of crops cannot be easily predicted, yet agronomically they are of considerable importance.
    • The bulk of these are high-powered, dynamic events with ideas sparking and wit at a maximum.
    • The daytime social system is dynamic, with only some members of the population seen together at a time.
    • The critical point to be made at the outset of this discussion of the new regionalism is the dynamic relationship between developments in different parts of the world.
    • The transaction process is a dynamic system that is composed of the interplay of the three information flows.
    • The two of them together are a dynamic team, full of energy, life and very headstrong.
    • The dynamic nature of the security market, combined with its seemingly perpetual immaturity, can leave any forecast about its future off target.
    • A party insider agrees that she is dynamic: ‘She is focused and intelligent, and doesn't suffer fools gladly.’
    • Emotional structures are not simply on or off: they are dynamic, and hence prone to myriad fluctuations in relation to thought and perception.
    • As a child I was always out and about with friends, constantly doing things, we were very dynamic.
    • She said: ‘She was full of ideas, very dynamic, a great leader and with it all she had a very real sense of humility.’
    • He is so dynamic, right inside himself, and beautiful, and charming, and funny.
    • He is dynamic, ahead of the pack, and 100 per cent for the customer.
    • According to MacDougall, game development is, by nature, dynamic.
    • Although still only a junior, she was dynamic and powerful, with routines of outstanding difficulty on all four events.
    • Fassel can't seem to find the fight mix, but when he is on, he is dynamic.
    • He is dynamic in the loose and we expect big things of him.
    • On stage, he is truly dynamic, exuding a palpable charisma comparable to the likes of Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra.
    • It could cap off an immense performance that has embraced all types of offensive records and included the development of a dynamic defense.
    • The key to development lies in a dynamic private sector.
    • You are dynamic, forceful and assertive while making new beginnings at work and soft, gentle and loving in personal relationships today.
    • All clinical interactions with adolescents must be seen against this dynamic background of development.
    • He is dynamic and quite quick, and gets in behind the defence, which I think is why he gets noticed a lot.
    • She was dynamic, a bit high-strung, of strong character, and completely devoted to the cause.
    • Human society, like any system composed of dynamic processes, depends on an external energy source.
    • The Netherlands has arrived on the scene in the last few years with a crop of vital, dynamic young directors.
    • In this context, climate change should be viewed as a dynamic system of atmospheric processes and their products.
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    • The primary means by which a fly wing creates aerodynamic force is dynamic stall.
    • For Bernoulli's principle to dominate a dynamic situation, friction must be less dominant.
    • The water going down your plughole, the planets going around the sun, the electrons spinning around a nucleus, they all reflect the same dynamic tension between opposing forces.
    • We would therefore postulate that individual lipid molecules in fusion intermediates would have canonical structure but increased dynamic motion.
    • As for the carbon monoxide complex, our main interest was to characterize the dynamic motion of the 02 and imidazole axial ligands.


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    fuerza motriz femenino