Traducción de eagerness en Español:


entusiasmo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈiːɡənəs//ˈiɡərnəs/


  • 1

    entusiasmo masculino
    the eagerness with which they set about tackling the task el entusiasmo con que acometieron la tarea
    • eagerness to + inf
    • his eagerness to please su deseo de agradar
    • in my eagerness to get there, I ignored their warnings tenía tantas ganas de llegar allí, que no hice caso de sus advertencias
    • From the start, the enthusiasm and eagerness of the coaches had been nothing less than mind-blowing.
    • Though he missed her dearly, he accepted his new role and took to it with eagerness and dedication.
    • Everyone waited with eagerness for the committee's findings and recommendations.
    • The couple's career path so far demonstrates their ambition and eagerness to grow their business.
    • The Service Marketeer, who is all eagerness and enthusiasm, is a delight for the customer.