Traducción de earned income en Español:

earned income

Pronunciación /ˌərnd ˈɪnkəm/


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    • From A-Day, you can invest up to 100% of your earned income into pensions, so I'm seriously considering making a massive one-off payment to make up for all my missing years.
    • The YMCA is the nation's largest charity in terms of earned income, the second largest by contributed income.
    • The total operating budget will be about $25.5 million annually, to be funded in part through earned income and contributions.
    • Once a taxpayer is entitled to social security benefits, those benefits may be reduced by earned income.
    • Losses in wages and earned income make matters even worse, particularly when able-bodied citizens can no longer care for themselves and their dependents.
    • Your earned income includes all taxable wages, salaries and tips and any earnings from self-employment.
    • Another interesting proposal was a tax only earned income, leaving returns on capital untaxed.
    • Neo-conservatives claim a flat tax will make our lives simpler and fairer by getting rid of all the exemptions and special conditions, and charging a single tax rate on earned income.
    • If your child has earned income, filing a tax return will create room for Registered Retirement Savings Plan contribution.
    • This is effectively a slightly disguised, well-spun 2% rise in the tax on earned income, with no cap.
    • Taking income as dividends will mean that you will not have earned income for the purpose of making future RRSP or IPP contributions.
    • The amount of this tax shield depends on the chosen depreciation schedule and the current tax rate on earned income.
    • A social security system reserves a portion of earned income for the retirement of every person who participates.
    • The levy is often a form of ‘double taxation’ because it applies to assets acquired through earned income that has already been taxed.
    • Most wealthy Americans make the majority of their money off of capital gains, not earned income.
    • That's the current maximum earned income on which Americans pay Social Security taxes.
    • Social Security taxes are particularly regressive in that all earned income above the cap is not taxed at all.
    • Reducing your expenses is a more efficient way to save than trying to earn more money, because earned income is subject to federal and state taxes.
    • It also highlights a change for 2002 that excludes nontaxable employee compensation from earned income.
    • Her average earned income is about £30,000 per annum.