Traducción de earthly en Español:


terrenal, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈərθli//ˈəːθli/


  • 1

    (life) terrenal
    (life) terreno
    his earthly remains sus restos mortales
    • all her earthly possessions todo lo que poseía (or posee etc.) en este mundo
    • After his funeral, after going through his things, his earthly possessions, in the sealed apartment, I hadn't wanted to do anything but sleep for a long time and not dream.
    • Dashwood spared no expense in turning his new property into a garden of earthly delights.
    • There are the voices of the economy; they call out that earthly riches are of infinite value.
    • Masks are often the channel between the spiritual and earthly realms, and they can represent the manifestation of nature and ancestor spirits.
    • It remains gloriously aloof from man's bitter quarrels, soaring, with a heavenly grace, beyond earthly feuds.
    • In the European imagination China, mysterious and largely unknown, became an earthly paradise.
    • In this state, individuals can better achieve their material wants, or earthly ends.
    • Lijiang, a poetic place in South China's Yunnan Province, offers a heavenly escape from earthly troubles and anxieties.
    • Some of the reviewers when the book appeared seemed to find evidence for a sudden conversion round about 1934, but his disgust for earthly things is displayed over and over again in his early novels.
    • In short, Luther did not imagine, at least in earthly world before the end of time, some Utopia free of violence.
    • Through the symbolism of the heavens the astrologer aims to gain a deeper spiritual knowledge of earthly matters, and seeks to understand the wider significance of the situations that trouble us.
    • Weaving in and out of her past, she leads us along the winding path of her earthly and spiritual adventures.
    • The truth, however, is that inner peace is not even supposed to occur during our earthly existence.
    • The previous article came to the conclusion that, as in many areas of our earthly existence, globalization has both a dark and a bright side.
    • They push shopping carts loaded with children, with bags of diapers and groceries, and all their earthly possessions crammed into a few white plastic trash bags.
    • Redemption, as C. S. Lewis, noted, works backwards, not annihilating history but transforming it's earthly and eternal meaning and impact.
    • Determined to forget his past, he is finally able to devote himself to the more elevating aspects of earthly existence.
    • This was surely an earthly paradise if one were possible.
    • He was a fierce, conflicted hater who never quite reconciled his earthly and spiritual ambitions.
    • It explains what functions the heavenly and earthly bodies have and offers guidance on how to behave toward gods, spirits, and one's ancestors.
  • 2coloquial

    it's no earthly use asking her es inútil preguntarle
    • it makes no earthly sense for us both to go no tiene ningún sentido que vayamos los dos
    • For no earthly reason - well, other than a little tiredness - I just want to go and hide under my duvet and shut out the world for a few hours.
    • I can see no earthly reason to cut this to be honest.
    • I think my mobile phone would have to be securely locked away, my computer removed to a place where there would be no earthly possibility that I might happen to glance upon it.
    • There is no earthly reason why our courts should be shielded from public gaze.
    • My argument is that there is no earthly reason why young adults should be made to be dependent on their parents in this way.
    • There's no other earthly reason to be disappointed.
    • She had been turned human again, though how, she had no earthly idea.
    • However, he opined that with full staff now in place, there is no earthly reason why it shouldn't be functioning to full capacity at this time.
    • Sometimes he laughs for no earthly reason, and one feels sorry at being not able to join him.
    • We were only shylocked once - an exorbitantly priced lunch, the final total of which bore no earthly resemblance to the prices of the food we'd seen inside the door just moments before.
    • This is the year in which I have no earthly reason to gripe, complain and stamp my feet over the results of the annual Academy Awards competition.
    • What was most galling was that there was no earthly reason why the Leinster final couldn't comfortably have been brought forward by a week or a fortnight.
    • With no earthly reason to use performance-enhancing drugs, he nonetheless got caught doing just that.
    • As things are today, there seems no earthly reason why resolution of issues cannot be achieved.
    • When you're away from the office, you can think of no earthly reason to go back.
    • There is no earthly reason why you should deprive yourself of the luxury.
    • There is no earthly reason for you to call it a day.
    • What would you do if someone started screaming and yelling at you for no earthly reason?
    • Before last week, the Latino share of the electorate had risen steadily for a decade and a half, and there's no earthly reason to think it won't resume its upward climb in 2004.
    • It suddenly dawns on him that there is no earthly reason for him to go to Pritchard at all.