Traducción de ease en español:


facilidad, n.

Pronunciación: /iz//iːz/


  • 1

    facilidad femenino
    ease of operation/reference facilidad de manejo/consulta
    • for ease of access para facilitar el acceso
    • with ease fácilmente
    • the graceful ease with which he moved la gracia y soltura con que se movía
    • Among other things, the ease with which they traveled around the world is striking.
    • Let's get back to Europe now, the financing of these groups, the ease of travel since the European Union dropped travel restrictions.
    • To many industry professionals, though, the exam's difficulty or ease isn't really the point.
    • The absence of long cords and the ease of getting the tool into tight or awkward places are what make cordless tools so valuable.
    • Everyone is welcome, though I can't vouch for the ease of finding parking if you're coming in from outside Stanford.
    • More and more, people are opting for the ease of watching the games at home.
    • Explosive growth has even come to Egyptology, thanks to the ease with which source materials can now be distributed by CD and online.
    • Safe areas also minimized ‘permeability,’ that is, the ease of entry to and exit from the neighborhood or housing area.
    • The pair handled the difficult combinations with ease, and the horse flowed across the ground.
    • Given the ease of desktop publishing, use a font that people can read and provide adequate space for writing responses.
    • Both of these items are reasonably priced, reasonably sized, and designed in a way that can minimize discomfort but maximize ease of use.
    • It is just as easy to imagine the relative ease of compiling such information when the separate records are entered into online databases.
    • How has the final sound mixing gone in terms of difficulty or ease?
    • The orchestra responds beautifully, handling even the composer's sometimes difficult rhythmic effects with ease.
    • Women retained their rights to manage their own money and property after marriage and could obtain a divorce with the same ease - or difficulty - as a man.
    • Usually everything goes off so well that it looks as if putting together a show of this kind, could be done with effortless ease.
    • A patchwork of conflicting laws will do nothing to improve the ease of use of e-mail communications.
    • We observed the ease of communication among focus group women, with one group even claiming that the data collection exercise was therapeutic in itself.
    • I was really impressed with the ease of use, ergonomics, and functionality built into the web meeting application.
    • Presented with a gilt-edged chance, Gardyne attempted to lift his shot over Craig Wight, but the goalkeeper caught the effort with ease.
  • 2

    • 2.1(freedom from constraint)

      I never feel at ease with her con ella nunca siento que me puedo relajar / nunca me siento a mis anchas
      • I feel more at ease in casual clothes me siento más cómodo / más a gusto vestido de sport
      • he knows how to put interviewees at their ease sabe hacer relajar al entrevistado
      • to put/set sb's mind at ease tranquilizar a algn

    • 2.2

      (stand) at ease! ¡en descanso!

  • 3

    he was used to a life of ease estaba acostumbrado a la buena vida / a una vida desahogada
    • to take one's ease reposar

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (pain) calmar
    (pain) aliviar
    (tension) hacer disminuir
    (tension) aliviar
    (burden) aligerar
    to ease sb's mind tranquilizar a algn
    • he did it to ease his conscience lo hizo para descargarse la conciencia
    • they eased me of a couple of hundred dollars me aligeraron de unos doscientos dólares
  • 2

    (situation) paliar
    (situation) mejorar
    (transition) facilitar
    a bridge would ease the traffic flow un puente descongestionaría / haría más fluida la circulación del tráfico
    • to ease the way for sb allanarle el camino a algn
  • 3

    (restrictions/rules) relajar
  • 4

    (rope/belt) aflojar
  • 5

    (move with care)
    they eased him into the wheelchair lo sentaron con cuidado en la silla de ruedas
    • he eased on his jacket se puso la chaqueta con cuidado

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (pain) aliviarse
    (pain) calmarse
    (tension) disminuir
    (tension) decrecer
  • 2

    (interest rate/prices) disminuir
    (interest rate/prices) bajar
  • 3

    (restriction) relajarse