Traducción de east en Español:


este, n.

Pronunciación /ist//iːst/


  • 1

    • 1.1(point of the compass, direction)

      este masculino
      the east el este
      • (the Orient) the East (el) Oriente
      • it lies to the east of the city está al este de la ciudad
      • the wind is blowing from / is in the east el viento sopla / viene del este / del Este
      • east-northeast estenoreste
      • east-southeast estesureste
      • You would expect the higher amounts to be right here and just to the east of here.
      • The new bridge will be built to the east of the home.
      • The mountain was actually directly to the east of Torat, which was an island.
      • Well, the devastation to the east of Mississippi is mind-blowing.
      • We had hoped, from Pevek, to reach Cape Schmidt, another loss-making gold town to the east.
      • The savings, though still dramatic, are not quite so big when it comes to the east of Scotland, where property prices are, of course, much higher.
      • It connects the castle and its adjoining Katsuyama Park with the city's traditional retail district to the east.
      • Roads in the north of the county, particularly to the east of the A1, were worst affected and some needed to be cleared by snow ploughs.
      • From the patio where I work I have a view of the bay of Cassis and the beautiful cliffs that rise to the east of it.
      • The prime meridian is the line that separates geographic east from west on the globe.
      • We are looking due south right now, and you can see how the clouds are wisping up towards the north and towards the east.
      • You know, Mojave is north and to the east of Los Angeles.
      • There is a trail beginning just to the east of the mini-rail.
      • Often when I've finished my errands and am heading home I drive through the park just to the east of our townhouse.
      • The vegetables sold in the capital are hauled in from farmlands that surround the city and from Nangarhar province to the east.
      • John Bell came into town from the east with the sun behind him.
      • The other three main rooms were on the other side of the upstairs hallway, to the east of it.
      • When that happens, the Sun is rising due east, setting due west, and daylight lasts as long as night.
      • Government forces look set to retake rebel-held towns in the east.
      • To the east of the road rise the lower slopes of a mountain range dominated by no less than seven Munros, the highest group of hills in Britain south of Tayside.
      • Subduction also takes place to the east of the South Sandwich Islands, which are found in the South Atlantic.
      • For example, populations in the wetter regions west of the Rocky Mountains are different than those in drier regions to the east.

    • 1.2(region)

      the east el este
      • (the Orient) the East (el) Oriente
      • a town in the east of England una ciudad del este / en el este de Inglaterra

  • 2

    Historia Política
    (the Communist bloc)
    el Este
    the East (el) Oriente
    • before noun East-West relations las relaciones Este-Oeste
    • Finally, the material plenty of the West appeared in sharp contrast to the depravity of the East.
    • Hitler made it very clear that war in the East was to be like no other war fought by Germany.
  • 3East

    (in bridge)
    Este masculino


  • 1

    east winds (masculine plural) vientos del este
    • the east wing/door el ala/la puerta este


  • 1

    al este
    the house faces east la casa da al / está orientada al este
    • we took the train east tomamos el tren hacia el este / en dirección este
    • east of sth al este de algo
    • it is east of Dallas está al este de Dallas
    • (in US) back east en el este