Traducción de easterly en Español:


del este, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈistərli//ˈiːstəli/


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    (wind) del este
    in an easterly direction hacia el este / en dirección este
    • In Namibia, conditions turned from easterly bergwinds to strong south westerly winds and the temperature dropped like a brick.
    • The fierce easterly wind blowing out of the Straits of Gibraltar kept them waiting like a courtier at the king's gate.
    • If a raindrop falling onto the top of the Andes in South America encounters a light easterly breeze, it will blow the rain onto the western side of the mountain.
    • With easterly winds often travelling across the industrial areas of Europe, the visibility can be quite poor.
    • On occasion, severe frosts, biting easterly winds and snowfall can result in winter casualties.
    • The crews set off in a moderate south easterly breeze and coast in the Kalbarri region is set for a fine weekend.
    • Next day the weather worsened and an easterly gale finished the job.
    • Easterly winds bring us this extreme cold and, unlike a northerly wind, the easterly wind only has a short distance to travel over the warming sea.
    • As we arrived at the river, the cold easterly gale had veered to a light westerly breeze with a touch of warmth in it, perfect for river trouting.
    • It is believed that they have picked up metals blown off the bombing range by the strong easterly winds that regularly blow across the island.
    • Freezing easterly gales, with wind speeds up to sixty miles per hour registered at Harry's weather station, continue to dominate the beginning of spring.
    • We had to contend with a very cold easterly wind blowing downstream.
    • With a very strong easterly wind continuing to blow across the province fishing operations were very much restricted.
    • The weather was cold and drizzly with a slight easterly wind blowing towards me.
    • A strong gust of easterly wind scattered the torn remains of the letter with its proud seal, and its commanding impression.
    • As for the wind dispersion, the prevailing winds are mostly easterly.
    • Wave action and easterly winds will pull this colder water to the surface off the coast of Peru and Ecuador and as the easterly trade winds strengthen the effect becomes stronger.
    • The easterly trade winds are part of the low-level component of the Walker circulation.
    • When the winds are easterly, the pollen count lowers in the east as you might expect, but pine pollen has been detected on the coast, presumably from Norway.
    • The dust was not caused by easterly winds, but rather when the maize was being levelled out in the ship's hold.


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    viento del este masculino