Traducción de easy chair en Español:

easy chair

sillón, n.


  • 1

    sillón masculino
    poltrona femenino
    butaca femenino
    • Lela was taking a seat in an easy chair writing her paper.
    • Brian sighed and leant back in his comfortable easy chair.
    • He was required to supply nine pairs of crimson damask window curtains and upholstered the twenty stools and two easy chairs in the same material.
    • He seems very comfortable in an easy chair with his cooler of beer beside him.
    • Duvall busied himself there as the two men settled into a sofa and an easy chair next to a very large mirror.
    • Desks will be replaced with enough sofas and comfortable easy chairs and rocking chairs around the room to accommodate everyone.
    • There is a small kitchen in one corner, and next to it a lounge sort of area with comfortable leather couches and easy chairs, and some artistically modern coffee tables and lamps.
    • Everyone was sprawled this afternoon on sofas and easy chairs, eating enormous platefuls of spaghetti and vegetables and watching a Jean-Claude Van Damme film.
    • Lounge on inviting velvet banquettes, leather easy chairs or oversized ottomans and sip their divine cocktails.
    • The front room was more of a lounge, with two lavish easy chairs and a chaise lounge formed around a table for guests.
    • In fact, we usually choose our easy chairs not for comfort, but for their appearance and the status we think we achieve when sitting in them.
    • The office has a charm of its own: there are hardwood floors, exposed brick walls and ceilings, and cozy sitting areas with easy chairs and coffee tables.
    • When the pair reached the living room, Joe and Alice were sitting in easy chairs opposite the sofa.
    • Ever since the big easy chair was reupholstered it's not as comfortable anymore.
    • You have to sit down at a computer, log on to the Net and click and scroll and sit in a chair not nearly as comfortable as the easy chair out in the family room.
    • Inside the room viewers could see a clunky easy chair, a coffee table, a television and a bear's head hunting trophy high on one wall.
    • The craftsmen brought in a wide range of products, from sofa sets, chairs, swings and easy chairs to decorative furniture of various kinds, all made of bamboo.
    • Until then, enjoy the awards banquet from your easy chair.
    • If the person naps, have him/her sleep in an easy chair or the sofa so they know when they wake up that the rest period was a nap - that it is not morning all over again!
    • Verdana threw herself into an easy chair with a comfortable sigh.