Traducción de easygoing en Español:


Pronunciación /iːzɪˈɡəʊɪŋ//ˌiziˈɡoʊɪŋ/


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    she's pretty easygoing es una persona de trato fácil / sin complicaciones
    • he has an easygoing attitude to life se toma la vida con calma
    • the new teacher is fairly easygoing el profesor nuevo no es muy exigente
    • when it comes to food, I'm pretty easygoing en cuanto a comida, no soy mañoso
    • Even at the height of the business day, Montpelier had an easy-going, laid-back way about it.
    • Most of their players are casual competitors who treat the sport as a pleasant pastime and an easy-going way of relaxation.
    • The mood, for the most part, was one of easy-going generosity towards the Prince.
    • It's very easy to see him as the easy-going Welsh lad.
    • He is surprised that someone as laid-back and easy-going as she is could be so successful in a tough business.
    • It was the New York of its day with a cosmopolitan population and an easy-going attitude to life.
    • The watchword here was informality, with the pair linking skits and sketches in an amiable, easy-going manner.
    • Despite his life going downhill, he was still described by people who knew him as a gentle, placid, easy-going, amiable man.
    • He had an easy-going manner, which made him a natural and popular leader.
    • By all reports, Roberts has an easy-going demeanor that would allow him to get along with all members of the Court.
    • What he has proved to be is a shrewd tactician and an astute responder to the public mood whose easy-going manner disguises some ruthless populism.
    • The Gwaliorites are traditional people and are easy-going and tolerant.
    • It eventually led to a glamorous career in which he was equally as famous for his technical skill with a camera as his easy-going manner behind it.
    • Roger's easy-going, relaxed style made him a star performer on the European television and concert circuit.
    • Instead, approach her with a mature, easy-going attitude and genuinely listen to what she has to say.
    • For some reason, he wasn't himself; normally he was so relaxed and easy-going that it got annoying.
    • It's amazing how paranoid I am about my handbag, considering how easy-going I am about most things.
    • The current situation our economy faces now does not allow an easy-going attitude.
    • I'm still not that tolerant or easy-going, but I'm far better than I was when I went in.
    • To do this requires an easy-going personality, the ability to improvise, and a deep love of children.