Traducción de eat en Español:


comer, v.

Pronunciación /iːt//it/

verbo transitivoeaten, ate

  • 1

    (vegetables/meal) comer
    I don't eat meat no como carne
    • I won't eat you! ¡no te voy a comer!
    • she ate her way through the whole cake acabó con / se comió todo el pastel
    • He also talks about how his wife was accused of shoplifting in a major supermarket when her young son was spotted eating a grape from the trolley before the bag had been weighed.
    • He had finished eating the cookies, but the pack remained in his hand.
    • The tradition includes eating corned beef and cabbage and drinking it up at the local pub.
    • Other people watched the dancing, talked, bought stuff and ate food.
    • The early humans butchered the elephant at the kill site and ate the meat raw, the archaeologists add.
    • At all times, foods must be eaten slowly, chewed thoroughly or puréed, and consumed in small portions.
    • The nurses brought him food, but he had refused to eat it because it included cheese.
    • Now, it is considered more refined to eat with a spoon and fork.
    • Finally I finish eating my Chinese food and stood up from the table.
    • I forgot to wipe my mouth after eating the chocolate cake my mom baked.
    • They even had the gall to chew open the fishfood container and eat the food!
    • Mary smiled at him before eating her cereal, chewing happily.
    • With each bite, I regained strength, and I backed to the trunk of a tree to finish eating my food.
    • She quickly ate the burger and swallowed some of the fries whole.
    • In Africa, the fruits are eaten raw, or cooked in a soup, or fried in oil.
    • Remember, in the wild, dogs eat fresh meat they have killed themselves.
    • When eating solid food, patients may have difficulty chewing and initiating swallows.
    • I finished eating my cereal and put it in the sink when I heard Kay coming down the stairs.
    • I think over the five days we were there, our son ate five cheese steak sandwiches.
    • In nature we see animals eating their prey alive.
  • 2argot

    (upset, bother)
    what's eating her? ¿a esta qué le pica / qué bicho la picó? coloquial

verbo intransitivoeaten, ate

  • 1

    to eat in/out comer en casa/(a)fuera
    • we usually eat at 7 o'clock solemos cenar a las siete
    • we ate off plastic plates comimos en platos de plástico
    • to eat Chinese/Greek comer comida china/griega