Traducción de ecclesiastic en Español:


eclesiástico, adj.


Pronunciación /əˌkliziˈæstɪk//ɪˌkliːzɪˈastɪk/


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    • Once again, the difference between contemporary Catholic ecclesiastic policies in Italy and France is emblematic.
    • He deposed old dynasties, abolished aristocratic and ecclesiastic privileges, and united regions, gradually establishing uniform legal, administrative, fiscal, and conscription systems.
    • Having given birth to the earliest Protestants, she sees to it that her children's influence will spread and divide a land already weakened by ecclesiastic corruption.
    • It still hand-makes clothes, shirts, ties, academic and ecclesiastic wear.
    • Italy is the exception, and reveals an unexpected variant of ecclesiastic modernization strategies.
    • The city's East Side, where Eastern European immigrants conceived grandiose works of ecclesiastic architecture before moving to neighboring suburbs like West Seneca and Cheektowaga, is inhabited largely by African Americans.
    • Article I gives no ecclesiastic powers to the legislature, and gives no formal role for any ecclesiastic authority in the legislative process.
    • The relatively limited success of new religious movements in Italy can not only be directly linked to the effervescence of the Catholic lay religious aggregations but also to a specific ecclesiastic strategy and structure.
    • The ecclesiastic courts, given the scope of their jurisdiction, could have heard at least some of these cases.
    • The elevated perspective in Leonardo's work was of course a tribute to the ecclesiastic destination of his work.
    • The service itself passed in a blur of kindly faces, murmured condolences and ecclesiastic efficiency.
    • There is no ecclesiastic authority, and I dare say there never will be one dominating ecclesiastical authority over all Pagans and Wiccans.
    • Nothing survives which was painted by van Eyck for the Duke, but other works by him indicate that wealthy middle-class and ecclesiastic patrons followed the lead of the Burgundian Duke.
    • Two churchmen within the diocese of Kildare & Leighlin hold the ecclesiastic title of vicar general.
    • But reports such as these were relatively few, and serious ecclesiastic authorities sought to distance themselves from such improbable tales of celestial intervention in the election campaign.
    • Since the twelfth century, the historic, northern city of Braga has been Portugal's ecclesiastic capital and the seat of the country's archbishops.
    • Weber's model was questioned by his contemporaries, most strongly by Troeltsch, who suggested that there exists no direct road from the ecclesiastic culture of Protestantism to non-ecclesiastic modern culture.
    • Before the eighteenth century, the former inspired quests for ecclesiastic union, while the latter functioned in the civil sphere.
    • The cautious response of the Church to the 1948 wave of visions and miracles was consistent with the centuries-old prudence and reserve with which the ecclesiastic order has approached the question of the supernatural.
    • The artists here draw on a legacy that includes ecclesiastic art, church murals, icons and silver crosses to create works in a modern vernacular.