Traducción de ecological footprint en Español:

ecological footprint

huella ecológica, n.



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    huella ecológica femenino
    • And if companies paid Uncle Sam based, at least partly, on their waste and toxic releases, no doubt they'd reduce their ecological footprint.
    • These include the net primary productivity/consumption ratio, and ecological footprints.
    • Community-based organic fruit farming can also educate communities about the importance of minimising ecological footprints.
    • For example, if a person eats meat, doesn't buy locally or never recycles, they would have a larger ecological footprint than a vegetarian who does buy things locally and recycles.
    • The children dutifully calculate their ecological footprints, design recycling posters and dissect owl pellets and sometimes lift their eyes to see out the window a brooding gray sky and a churlish sea.
    • Incredibly, we have banned a technology that could help us reduce our ecological footprint, not only through reduced use of pesticide, but also through the development of more water efficient crop varieties.
    • In fact, the ecological footprint of most countries exceeds their land base.
    • The results of this study indicate that quantifying human use of nature through ecological footprints is an effective way to encourage change and help to guide individual choice regarding environmentally responsible behavior.
    • Nor does the immigration system take into account in any way the ecological constraints of the natural environment of this country - issues such as the ideal ecological footprint, population protections, or policy.
    • The former must reduce its ecological footprint, while the latter must ensure livelihood rights for the marginalized majority.
    • One section offers a list of ways to shrink your ecological footprint.
    • The goal would be to reduce the ecological footprint of humanity so that much of the planet could be free from human exploitation.
    • In the same way that we use economic data today, in the future maybe we'll be using ecological footprints or land disturbance data in the same way.
    • His study ought to be the first volley in a sustained campaign to better understand the international ecological footprint of the modern United States.
    • At home, I try as best I can to reduce my ecological footprint by walking, biking and bussing.
    • To make sense of the individual impact that each of us has on the environment, ecologists have come up with a measurement known as an ecological footprint.
    • The average ecological footprint in the United States is 24 acres per person.
    • One model that is increasingly being quoted in this context of sustainable living is the concept of the ecological footprint.
    • Redefining Progress has calculated ecological footprints for more than 130 countries and numerous regions as well as an increasing number of municipalities and businesses.
    • We can examine the population problem as our resources and space become sparse and evaluate our ecological footprints to ensure we are impacting the earth in a healthy way.