Traducción de ecstatic en Español:


extasiado, adj.

Pronunciación /ɪkˈstædɪk//ɛkˈstatɪk//ɪkˈstatɪk//ɛkˈstædɪk/


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    (look/expression) extasiado
    (expression/look) extático
    (applause) clamoroso
    (applause) frenético
    the team was in an ecstatic mood el equipo estaba eufórico
    • she's ecstatic about the new house está contentísima con la nueva casa
    • While he does eventually renew his belief in the Lord it comes as a result of resolving family conflicts and not an ecstatic vision of the Lord.
    • Indigenous religions are big on this; all those ecstatic dances of the shaman are essentially the same experience.
    • Ecstatic trances can produce a feeling of "pounding" in the head.
    • He didn't want to scare her, but her reaction made him ecstatic.
    • Here's how ecstatic Boston fans got the news from their morning paper.
    • The French talk in almost ecstatic terms about the spine of the team being restored.
    • But the kids will be ecstatic, and a happy child often begets a calm vacation.
    • And when the game finally became available over the Internet last year, fans were ecstatic.
    • She grins at the sight of me, positively ecstatic at how beautifully I had cleaned up.
    • Religion has always provided some kind of ecstatic experience.
    • Are the people who experience ecstatic religious states just having a really good trip?
    • But if you just have ecstatic experiences and the Torah is not stacked up on your heart, nothing happens.
    • What's odd, however, is the sheer fervour with which he's using them, eyes blazing, grinning like a devotee of a particularly ecstatic religious cult.
    • They didn't expect that until 2020, so that number makes them ecstatic.
    • Shaun was ecstatic to hear about the wedding.
    • I received just over 200 for the last chapter, which made me ecstatic.
    • Though I think the best reference is as one where it was used for specific religious practice to achieve ecstatic states: Soma.
    • She giggled, ecstatic to hear from him.
    • Much of Sufism seems to be focused on trying to raise up that higher self, the ecstatic experience in which you are in union with God.
    • He walked up to the table with a smile, and seemed excessively ecstatic to find her.
    • I'd been, if not exactly ecstatic, at least content with my lot.
    • Ecstatic temporality transcends particular entities in two respects.
    • Her two friends had been ecstatic to see her looking so much better.
    • I'm absolutely ecstatic at having the opportunity to learn from a professional cheerleader.
    • The ecstatic crowd promptly rose to the occasion showing tremendous enthusiasm and support for the home band.
    • I was absolutely ecstatic because it was the best shot of the day.
    • But I hoped he felt the same as I had, ecstatic and bubbling with happiness.
    • At the visitor centre, the comments on the building were almost all enthusiastic, even ecstatic.
    • Nothing wrong with that especially when the resulting outcome is something bordering on a religious experience of aural ecstatic proportions.
    • All the inmates were ecstatic to hear that, but weren't exactly sure if it was true.
    • Perhaps the energy generated by ecstatic dance in worship of the spirits can call the rains to come.
    • When my eyes finally adjusted I was ecstatic with happiness.