Traducción de edge en Español:


filo, n.

Pronunciación /ɛdʒ//ɛdʒ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(cutting part)

      filo masculino
      to put an edge on sth afilar algo
      • companies on the leading edge of information technology compañías a la vanguardia de la informática
      • Because of their sinuous edges and thick blades, these knives tended to rip and tear materials.
      • The knife has been described as having a six or seven-inch blade with a jagged edge down one side only.
      • The edges of the blade would then be tempered in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.
      • With a gasp, he lands on the blades, feeling their edges bite into the soles of his boots.
      • It is believed that the knife had a three-inch blade with a serrated edge.
      • Its blade was five feet long and golden, with jagged edges on the sides of the blade.
      • The steel, because it held a good sharp edge was employed on the edges of the blade, with the relatively softer iron making up the bulk of the core of the blade.
      • Sticky sap and grime cause dull blade edges, which make poor cuts.
      • As she arrived, Silveria left to a separate table to allow them to block his blade's razor edge.
      • When she stopped blowing, it emerged a new, clean shape, the blade twisting with curling edges, designed to rip rather than cut.
      • Circular blades formed blade breakers on either side of the flare, their outer edges sharpened.
      • A gasp escaped from him as the sword's razor edge sliced through his left shoulder.
      • The only thing she had to do was stay away from any blades' edges.
      • That means they can be used on the edges of razor blades for a smoother cut.

    • 1.2(sharpness)

      his voice had a menacing edge to it su voz tenía un tono amenazante
      • the article lacks critical edge el artículo no es lo suficientemente incisivo

  • 2

    ventaja femenino
    it would give us the edge over our competitors nos colocaría en una posición de ventaja con respecto a nuestros competidores
    • he has a definite edge over his rivals tiene una clara ventaja sobre sus rivales
    • we no longer have the edge in quality or price ya no tenemos la delantera ni en calidad ni en precio
    • Its quick reaction time and high rate of fire gives the Indian Army an edge during low intensity war-like situations.
    • Starting in the 1970s, the government imposed regulations to give an edge to local lenders.
    • Over the same time, New South Wales also lost its leading edge in environmental policy.
    • This time round, the immediacy and breadth of much internet coverage has, for news junkies, already given it the edge over TV and print.
    • Six years away from the pressurised tracks of Europe doesn't seem to have blunted his competitive edge.
    • That's good news for gun dealers, who are always looking for an edge to boost business and increase profits.
    • The Tarentaise qualities give it an edge over all other breeds when it comes to survival and fitness.
    • He is expected to have the edge over his three rivals.
    • Concrete reasoning gives you the edge over your peers and rivals.
    • The only comparable medium could be film, but I do think music has the edge.
    • Yes, I'd even say it has the edge over London - no offense of course.
    • Things are getting easier for sure, but you still have to come with tight music and a creative edge, that's for sure.
    • We are constantly looking for improvements that will give us the edge over our competition.
    • But there is more pressure for the school leaver to have a competitive edge in the job market.
    • After that, modern equipment gave a company the edge over others.
    • It has just sharpened their edge for the championship ahead.
    • The summit will challenge the notion that ethics and spirituality blunt the competitive edge.
    • In this edition, Marines looks at new technologies and the never ending desire of Marines to sharpen their individual edges.
    • The responses to the query as to whether Bangalore has lost its edge are along similar lines.
    • With both sets of defences holding the edge over the opposing attackers, the opening twenty minutes was a dead affair.
  • 3

    • 3.1(border, brink)

      borde masculino
      orilla femenino
      at the water's edge a la orilla del agua
      • the car rolled over the edge el coche se despeñó / se desbarrancó
      • it kept us on the edge of our seats till the end nos tuvo en vilo / en tensión hasta el final
      • In the evening, deer may be seen drinking at the water's edge.
      • The long, flexible prongs are placed around the outside edges of the shoe to improve stability and traction and to provide a cushion while you walk.
      • The speed and tension of city life has him at the edge of psychosis: something has to give, there has to be a safety valve.
      • He gripped the edge of the bed and sweat was already starting to run.
      • The trim was stitched close to the inside edge then the outside edge.
      • Arranged at the outer edges of the bed, the specimen acts as part of your framework for your design.
      • It's partly the strained atmosphere in Japan at this moment, with the whole nation poised on the edge of a financial crash.
      • They should have only about a foot of the natural floor showing around the outside edges.
      • A shape was rising up out of the swamp, just outside the edges of the city.
      • The center was not as lit as the outside edges were.
      • Secure the layers with pins, smoothing the fabric from the center to the outside edges.
      • Moving to the edge of the small clearing, I peered through the trees.
      • And he's constructed water-resistant decking from the patio to the water's edge.
      • The road direct from Middleton is steep and narrow, with the road surface breaking away at the edges due to water erosion in places.
      • These can be used for the outside edges of your walkway without having to be trimmed first.
      • We never learn from our mistakes and we are all, at any moment, standing at the edge of chaos.
      • I found a tree toward the edges of the outside area, and sat cross-legged, before unzipping my guitar bag.
      • I playfully shot back, still guiding my horse along the water's edge.
      • You can even add a stenciled cut-out design around the edge of the box.
      • To prevent movement of the metal within the joint, a small bead of silicone sealant can be applied near the outside edges of the T flanges.
      • Tyler threw himself up in rage and gripped the edge of his bed.
      • He skirted the western edge of the Lake and followed the well-worn path through the woods.
      • A handful of sharpshooters already line the outer edge of the roof.

    • 3.2(of object)

      the cloth had frayed at the edges el paño se había deshilachado en los bordes
      • I laid the planks edge to edge coloqué las tablas lado con lado
      • the coin landed on its edge la moneda cayó de canto

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(border)

      the collar was edged with fur el cuello estaba ribeteado de piel
      • the paper was edged in black el papel tenía un borde negro
      • the palm trees that edged the beach las palmeras que bordeaban la playa

    • 1.2

      (grass/lawn) recortar los bordes de
      • In addition, the borders surrounding the central lawn are edged with one-foot squares of flagstone.
      • Perhaps he did not attend the public meeting last week where we were told that the development would be 94 yards from the line of trees edging Windmill Lane.
      • A smooth border edges the mainspring housing and front of the grip strap to reduce drag and snag when carried concealed under.
      • One of my favourite ways to edge a garden is to use an herb border.
      • Though they still traveled the same road, they had left the long line of trees that edged it.
      • A gravel driveway provides parking and the lawn is edged with several well stocked beds.
      • Raffael offers a partial view of a pool edged by rocks with brush hanging over the water.
      • You can still see the line of the canal where it edges the massacre site.
      • Both the dense forest interiors and the fringes edging peat swamps are favoured.
      • Both sections were edged by a gray, consistent border.

  • 2

    (move cautiously)
    he edged his chair closer to hers fue acercando su silla a la de ella
    • I tried to edge her toward the door traté de llevarla poco a poco hacia la puerta
    • she edged her way along the ledge fue avanzando poco a poco por la cornisa
    • I edged my way along the packed corridor me fui abriendo paso por el pasillo abarrotado de gente
  • 3

    a voice edged with fear una voz que dejaba traslucir cierto temor
    • His voice was edged with pain, and I saw that he was struggling to keep his mask of self-assurance on.
    • Her voice was suddenly edged with anxiety, as if she too felt as if something was wrong.
    • ‘The next shot won't miss,’ she assured him, malice edging her voice.
    • ‘You are slightly late for once,’ he said, sarcasm edging his voice.
    • Sarcasm edged his voice and he turned back to the lesson only to be interrupted by the low buzz of someone's cell phone.
    • ‘I think… I think that they are going to execute Darrius,’ she responded, worry edging her voice.
    • Sabrina was trying hard to be kind, Kris could tell, but her voice was edged with annoyance.
    • Her voice was edged with more seriousness than usual.
    • ‘I had to, she was going to hurt herself,’ he responded, steel edging his voice.
    • He'd lost the impatience that had edged his voice just moments before.
  • 4EEUU

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to edge forward/closer/away ir avanzando/acercándose/alejándose (poco a poco)
    • the child edged closer to his mother el niño se fue arrimando a su madre
    • they are edging toward an agreement poco a poco se están acercando a un acuerdo
    • the pound edged up half a cent against the dollar la libra logró subir medio centavo con respecto al dólar