Traducción de electric blanket en Español:

electric blanket

manta eléctrica, n.


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    manta eléctrica femenino
    cobija eléctrica femenino Cono Sur América Latina
    frazada eléctrica femenino Cono Sur
    • These days, with central heating, the electric blanket and the hot water bottle, a warm bed is rather taken for granted.
    • Do you ever worry that the electric blanket might spark and fry you alive?
    • isn't it true that electric blankets, cable boxes, and some other electrical devices emit more than a healthy amount of electromagnetic radiation?
    • Some preliminary studies suggested that children exposed to EMF, including those generated by an electric blanket, might be at higher risk of leukemia.
    • Fire officers also urge people to make sure electric blankets undergo regular safety checks by qualified electricians.
    • No, I'm talking about threadlike wires woven into fabric and powered by miniature batteries that heat your outfit like an electric blanket.
    • The beds were spacious, warm with electric blankets and the kitchen was outfitted with the latest appliances.
    • This year I'm getting a new electric blanket with an extra switch that just heats the foot end in the summer.
    • Do not use electric blankets; they impair your body's ability to regulate its temperature during the night.
    • Use electric blankets according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • And now we have a nice warm bed, with blankets, and electric blankets… It's so good to be back.
    • He yelled, jumped up, and unplugged his electric blanket.
    • Bitter nights, chapped lips and chapped hands, frost in the morning, runny noses and sniffles, winter woollies, fires and heaters, electric blankets… they're all part of the winter scene upcountry.
    • It is a temporary metropolis of tents, possessing every luxury, including generators, refrigerators, and (as far as I can understand) electric blankets.
    • Can someone tell me where low voltage electric blankets can be serviced?
    • Other causes included chip pans, candles and electric blankets being left on.
    • Minimize noise, light, and temperature extremes during sleep with ear plugs, window blinds, or an electric blanket or air conditioner.
    • Surrey County Council is currently holding a major campaign warning about the dangers of electric blankets and is holding free testing sessions in a bid to reduce the 1,000 annual fires in the UK caused by faulty blankets.
    • There are several methods of heat application ranging from microwavable beanbags to electric blankets, but regardless of the heat source the following general guidelines should be observed.
    • Only leave electric blankets switched on all night if it has thermostatic controls for safe all-night use.