Traducción de electric chair en Español:

electric chair

silla eléctrica, n.


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    silla eléctrica femenino
    • The legislature also passed a bill that would allow condemned death row inmates to choose between lethal injection and the electric chair for their executions.
    • The electric chair is one of the most widely known forms of Capital Punishment along with lethal injection.
    • The first electric chair execution took place in New York.
    • Opinion was running hot and heavy, and gibbets, nooses, electric chairs and lethal injections were topics featuring prominently.
    • As a result of this investigation, I was able to get a man who'd been sentenced to die in the Texas electric chair out of prison.
    • Spivey's lawyers had argued that Georgia's use of the electric chair for executions constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.
    • After losing his third appeal, he was executed in the electric chair.
    • As the film opens, Robinson is about to be executed in the electric chair.
    • He was executed in the electric chair on January 24, 1989, having obtained two stays of execution.
    • And his family tried to get him treatment, and his attorneys tried to get him life, rather than the electric chair.
    • If you kill me, and you're caught, you will go to jail for life or to the electric chair.
    • He was then tried, convicted and executed in the electric chair.
    • Facing the electric chair, they were sentenced to three life terms for the murders.
    • The electric chair was introduced in the United States in 1890 as a more humane form of execution.
    • He was convicted in 1974 and sentenced to die in the electric chair for the 1972 beating to death of a transit worker.
    • He put something on her head that made the chair look like an electric chair.
    • I climbed into the front seat with all the enthusiasm of a condemned criminal getting into the electric chair.
    • It can deliver 100 million volts of electricity, enough juice to power 50,000 electric chairs on execution night.
    • As the executioner struggles to find it in himself to carry out the execution, the prisoner, John, seated on the electric chair, turns to comfort him.
    • He had various privileges in gaol, and a year later he went to the electric chair.