Traducción de elongate en Español:


alargar, v.

Pronunciación /iˈlɔŋˌɡeɪt//ˈiːlɒŋɡeɪt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • These lesions were characterized by a monomorphous pattern of slender, elongated spindle cells in a sclerotic stroma.
    • He came to be influenced in this latter pursuit by primitive forms, which rhymed felicitously with those elongated features found in much of his portraiture.
    • Her neck is elongated beyond the bounds of anatomical correctness - an attribute of young, innocent female beauty in the artistic vocabulary of the time.
    • The body is elongated to emphasise a twisted head and an outstretched forceful arm.
    • Their flat, scaleless bellies and slender, elongated bodies facilitate the process.
    • Each is comprised of two or three elongated strips of material stretching from above eye level and continuing near the ground.
    • The arcs, which look like a pale, elongated rainbow that doesn't quite meet in the middle, symbolize Arabic architecture.
    • They are supposed to revolve around the theme Nature and Man but some of them are so esoteric, like the busts of four elongated figures sitting around a candle, that we could not relate them to the theme.
    • His neck was elongated with a black posture collar.
    • In other anthropomorphic designs the fill is constituted by straight horizontal and vertical lines and the bodies are elongated and rectangular.
    • It had a rack of quad headlights fitted at the tip of an even more generously elongated bonnet, a classy-as-signet-rings plastic spoiler on the boot lid, and a smaller, sportier steering wheel.
    • These elongated streetcars with their accordion-like midsection are able to hold a maximum of 205 passengers.
    • Rows of fine, tall terraces surround elongated grassy squares, with paths running through and around them.
    • Snaps appear on the hip of an A-line skirt, or straight down both sides of the front panel of a skirt to elongate or shorten the slit.
    • And so, as K takes up the camera on my behalf, my face miraculously elongates itself.
    • The figures of his angels are elongated, with wings stretched upward as if they were sculpted by the Gothic masters.
    • My steps quickened, my stride elongating to keep myself from the echoing sound of my name.
    • With the Knights title-topping the table with two games still to play and City unbeaten after three starts to the Conference, sports pages are no longer the preserve of faces elongated by misery and despair.
    • The players kept looking across at each other to ensure that the diamond shape was holding and hadn't dissolved into a sort of twisted parallelogram, or a very, very, elongated trapezoid.
    • The floor plan of the house forms a horseshoe with the flat end pointing north and the two wings south, the western wing elongated to accommodate the apartment.