Traducción de embarrass en Español:


hacerle pasar vergüenza a, v.

Pronunciación /ˌɪmˈbɛrəs//ˌɛmˈbɛrəs//ɛmˈbarəs//ɪmˈbarəs/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (friend/wife/husband) hacerle pasar vergüenza a
    (friend/wife/husband) avergonzar
    (leader/politician) poner en una situación embarazosa
    he takes pleasure in embarrassing her in public disfruta avergonzándola delante de la gente
    • how could you embarrass me like that ¿cómo pudiste hacerme pasar esa vergüenza?
    • I was embarrassed by his generosity su generosidad me hizo sentir incómodo / violento
    • I prefer a woman, and a political philosophy, that won't embarrass me in public.
    • Except that once in a while she has too much to drink, and embarrasses him in public.
    • I had only seen him like this once before, when he planned his revenge on another lord who had embarrassed him in public.
    • And I meant that on SO many levels, levels you will certainly understand once you figure out how to purposefully embarrass me in public.
    • So, in order to maintain any dignity, I have fomented instead my Macchiavellian plot to discomfit and embarrass David Bowie and myself.
    • Murdock had stuck Mikey and I with the scene where Poppy runs off after Luciano embarrasses her in public, and Luciano follows her and admits his undying love.
    • Okay, for those of my readers who have children, how often have your kids embarrassed you in public?
    • The message is clear: there will be no room for players who break the rules and embarrass the team in public.
    • In fact, the sages asserted that someone who embarrasses another person in public is akin to a murderer.
    • Her scarred face attracted attention; it baffled, confused and embarrassed people.
    • Regardless of the age of the husband, the relatives give themselves the right to discipline him, scold, restrain, monitor, and embarrass him in public.
    • Max humiliates and embarrasses me all the time, so I don't know, this made me happy.
    • Public opinion embarrassed him until he agreed, under threat of a writ of habeas to force a court hearing, that his mother could be released.
    • Mathers gave Jeffreys the sort of look a mother gave an ill mannered child that had embarrassed her in public.
    • So even when the gray haired man I sometimes call my father in public embarrasses me a lot, I love him all the same.
    • Paul has the kind of parents that embarrass you in public and don't care if people are looking, but don't get him wrong he still loves them.