Traducción de emboss en Español:


repujar, v.

Pronunciación /ɪmˈbɒs//ɛmˈbɒs//ɪmˈbɔs/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (leather/metal) repujar
    (initials) grabar (en relieve)
    • He fumbled through his pockets until he removed a small grey metal ring with a flat face, embossed with a design that incorporated a longbow, a fey cross, and a rampart lion.
    • The sides are also embossed with Shuttle's branding.
    • The upper blade is embossed with a shell-inspired design.
    • Every print is signed and numbered by the artist and embossed with the Ellis and Lord Editions stamp.
    • Alita followed the servant down several corridors until they reached some large oak doors that were embossed with Sir Garth's family emblem.
    • The handle is embossed with a textured pattern that gives a good grip, and there's a small relieved area where your thumb goes comfortably.
    • The body of this flagon, originally one of a pair is embossed with flowers and leaves populated by a leaping unicorn and a wild boar with its young.
    • For a three-dimensional effect, some rigid containers are embossed with logos or graphics.
    • The deckle-edged artwork is blind embossed with a Disney Seal of Authenticity and is available both raw and framed.
    • They had the wrong magnetic stripe on the card: the front was embossed with the holder's details, but the account and PIN encrypted on the stripe pointed somewhere else.
    • The bags are embossed with the sword and shield of the Catholic League, the organizer of the protest.
    • The cool, slightly embossed surface of wallpaper slid beneath his seeking palms.
    • Upon payment of the required amount of stamp duty, the blank paper was embossed with a red stamp, ornately engraved with the rose and thistle emblem of Queen Anne.
    • Also on the outside of the building is a unique copper facade that is embossed with a pattern to create an abstract impression on it to resonate de Young's wooded-park setting.
    • The artwork is embossed with interesting patterns and shapes.
    • The front cover was embossed with a rose, and the details seemed to be as delicate as the rose now hanging from my neck.
    • It was embossed with gold metal and the background was a classical mahogany color.
    • The front was embossed with a teal hummingbird sitting on a tie-dyed tree stump.
    • The cork that sealed it was embossed with a grinning skull-and-crossbones.
    • The majority of these are plain spoons which have been embossed with foliage, fruit or flowers in the second half of the 19th century.
  • 2embossed past participle

    (stationery) con membrete en relieve
    (wallpaper) estampado en relieve