Traducción de embroidery en Español:


bordado, n.

Pronunciación /əmˈbrɔɪd(ə)ri//ɛmˈbrɔɪd(ə)ri//ɪmˈbrɔɪd(ə)ri/

nombrePlural embroideries

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    (decorative sewing)
    bordado masculino
    before noun embroidery frame bastidor masculino
    • The hall was built in 1597 by Bess of Hardwick and is regarded as important for its architecture and the exceptional collection of textiles and embroideries, which are believed to be the best in Europe.
    • The exhibition juxtaposes contemporary images in a diversity of media - paintings and sculptures as well as photographs, video, embroideries and prints - borrowed from public and private collections.
    • While there are a variety of dress materials such as chikan embroidery from Lucknow, patchwork from Jammu and Nagercoil, paintings occupy a dominant place in the expo.
    • The second, comprised of 120 lots, many with multiple items, included furniture, sculpture, embroideries, fabrics, carpets, and tapestries.
    • The embroidery, called Lucknowi Chikan, meaning a kind of cloth wrought with needle work, comes from a place called Lucknowi, located in the center of India.
    • The display includes textiles, embroideries, glass, metalwork and jewels and the often fascinating stories behind them.
    • The irony of starting with computer technology to produce meticulously hand-sewn, old-fashioned embroideries is consistent with the artist's wry, intricate and paradoxical approach.
    • They began to teach embroidery and various stitch crafts.
    • After the war she returned briefly to the museum and became head of the costumes department and learned the art of embroidery from an elderly York woman so she could look after and create clothes down from down the ages.
    • The characteristic appearance of Gujarati chain-stitch embroidery, whether done with a hook or a needle, however, is common to both formats.
    • Crochet is hand-done in India and we also do appliqué embroidery very well, combining it with beading and trims.
    • The novel does not quite tell us what Ratanbai's curriculum was but we know that she does embroidery and learns English and Marathi and English rhymes.
    • Needlework and embroidery traditionally belongs to them.
    • While the inmates of the home are provided with skill training in handicrafts, embroidery and sewing based on their aptitude, the children including those of sex workers are educated.
    • Morris's firm encouraged interest in needlework among artistically inclined women by providing designs by himself and others for sale alongside the completed embroideries.
    • The exhibition featured bobbin lace, patchwork and quilting, cross stitch, canvas work embroidery, macramé, and even miniature furniture.
    • Since the software is something we both can have fun with, it's a great way for an adult to help a child learn embroidery.
    • She does needlework and embroidery and never musses her skirts or get twigs and leaves in her hair, and her skin is translucent and fashionable, it does not turn brown the way mine does in the summer.
    • However, it is distinctly different from those mostly monochrome, tussar silk embroideries.
    • The hall contains one of Europe's finest collections of 16th and 17th century embroideries and tapestries, in addition to fine furniture and painting.
    • Indian motifs, traditional themes, and embroideries are the rage on the international fashion scene and it's one of the prime reasons that international fashion stores are looking at India for its expert craftsmanship.
    • In the morning, the two young ladies learned French, did embroidery, and listened to Rebecca's soft voice instruct them on how to run a successful household.
    • There is also some basket weaving, embroidery, woodworking, and other craft production, but the preponderance of artifacts sold at the markets is imported from Africa.
    • You will see a unique and interesting blend of fabrics and embroideries from various States of India, Mirch Masala, and Prithvi.
    • There will be quilts to be judged and other needlework such as embroidery.
    • I just stood back and admired the fine embroidery trying to imagine if it was hand stitched how long it would have taken that person.
    • Many tapestries, brocades, and embroideries were likewise burned to recover the gold and silver used in their production.
    • She offered a more varied needlework curriculum of plain work, marking, openwork, and embroidery along with reading and writing.
    • Unfortunately, after an accident, she had to give up her career, and she then devoted herself to embroidery, patchwork and quilting, taking City and Guilds courses parts I and II in both.
    • Although the chair frame was made in Newport, the needlework is characteristic of embroideries identified with Boston teachers.
    • There were sequins of all kinds, embroideries and unique fringed fabrics.
    • Other handicraft items include hammocks, baskets, mats, embroidery, leatherwork, coral jewelry, and carved and painted gourds and dolls.
    • The islands are known for a textile art called tivaevae, practiced by women, which combines appliqué and embroidery.
    • Another fab lab is in the northeast of India, where one of the few jobs that women can do is Chikan embroidery.
    • He had established a school where he held courses for the proletarian class in such crafts as weaving, embroidery, painting, wood carving.
    • A sewing group specialising in cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting and needlework meets on Mondays from 11 am to midday.
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    (imaginary details)
    florituras femenino
    • In remaining loyal to the facts and avoiding unnecessary embroidery, the story stands as a testament to the human spirit.