Traducción de empirical en Español:


empírico, adj.

Pronunciación /əmˈpɪrɪk(ə)l//ɛmˈpɪrɪk(ə)l//ɪmˈpɪrɪk(ə)l/


  • 1

    • Just such propositions take us beyond the limits of empirical particularity.
    • These judgments, when known, constitute knowledge that is based on nothing empirical.
    • She rightly saw that there was nothing in the empirical evidence that required her to say that.
    • Views like this smack more of a priori epistemological ideals than of empirical findings.
    • I think it is too much a matter of perception, rather than there being empirical evidence.
    • There is strong empirical evidence to support the case for vertical integration.
    • These are empirical questions rather than theoretical ones, and the issues seem mundane.
    • The question of whether science causes harm might seem to be an empirical rather than a philosophical one.
    • Admittedly, whether this is correct is an empirical question, and we cannot claim to know the answer.
    • Thus for Popper the logic of science is exclusively the deductive logic of empirical refutation.
    • Because natural science can offer empirical proof for its hypotheses, it can verify its claims.
    • The only way that you can have confidence in it is to have some empirical experience yourself.
    • You can't apply probabilistic methods to a phenomenon where there is no empirical evidence.
    • Kant repeatedly emphasizes that the theory is not to be construed as empirical psychology.
    • The work has a strong empirical base, but it is firmly governed by theory.
    • Over the course of her term, she emphasised the need for WHO to base its work on empirical evidence.
    • Much of its research, then, was of a sociological nature, and thus had a certain empirical base.
    • Viewed dispassionately, the empirical evidence does not support such a position.
    • What, then, may we say of the role of empirical studies in the domain of ethical research?
    • The fitting of empirical curves to experimental data is one aspect of data-based modelling.