Traducción de employ en Español:


contratar, v.

Pronunciación /əmˈplɔɪ//ɪmˈplɔɪ//ɛmˈplɔɪ/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (take on, hire)
    (person) contratar
    (person) emplear
    we cannot employ him without a work permit no podemos contratarlo si no tiene permiso de trabajo
    • Today, some estimates put the figure of people directly employed in the industry at around 200.
    • Four wardens employed by the agency were sacked in May after allegations of burglary.
    • As the 1990s drew to a close only half the workforce was employed on a full-time, permanent basis.
    • Six months later he was made redundant by the small firm that employed him.
    • In many Western countries there are child labour laws preventing firms from employing children under a minimum age.
    • The company now employs more people here through its various business interests than were ever employed at the Cork plant.
    • The requirement was that she had to be employed under a permanent contract.
    • A total of 30 staff are employed by the firm at its Kendal and Lancaster offices.
    • From this pool of funds, six guards are employed on a permanent basis.
    • At most we are talking about perhaps 20 people employed on a full-time basis.
    • In the cities, both men and women are employed outside the home.
    • And as tourist numbers inevitably decline, where will all the workers currently employed in the entertainment sector go?
    • The survey also showed that workers employed by private firms are paid less than workers in the public sector.
    • Both Joe and Audrey participated in retirement investment programs while they were employed full-time.
    • The firm employs ten people and hires drivers when required.
    • Most of the population is employed in agriculture and herding or works as expatriate laborers.
    • The nine-partner firm employed a large staff and offered a wide range of services.
    • Teachers employed under contract do not receive holiday or sick leave and other basic entitlements.
    • The firm employs three scientists and may take on more staff as its operations expand.
    • The firm now employs seven people directly and a further 15 work at other facilities.
  • 2

    (have working)
    the company employs hundreds of workers la compañía emplea a / da empleo a cientos de trabajadores
    • he's employed as a nightwatchman trabaja de vigilante nocturno
  • 3

    (tactics/technique/method) emplear
    (technique/tactics/method) valerse de
    his time would be better employed studying emplearía mejor el tiempo estudiando
    • To maintain the water's clarity and purity, this wilderness area employs ingenious purification methods.
    • This selection method is a common practice employed by all the editors reviewed here.
    • Not for the first time, the rhetoric of equality and brotherhood was employed in the service of unspeakable evil.
    • A rigorous scientific method was employed to generate the target sample for the study.
    • A tractor had been employed in the initial stages to level the existing fields to make it fit for the cultivation of rice.
    • Innovative methods already employed by individual growers will be published in a case-study report.
    • Statistics show that close to half of all antibiotics used are employed in agriculture.
    • The method cities employ to collect unpaid property taxes varies from one extreme to another.
    • Well, this is a tactic often employed in the film industry.
    • Various defence strategies are commonly employed to protect people from avalanches.
    • People use it because it works, but it's not the only communication paradigm that could be employed in an office environment.
    • Caustic soda is just a byproduct, that is usefully employed in the making of detergents.
    • Similar tactics are often employed against political defendants during pretrial proceedings.
    • Too little fresh thinking was employed in trying to avert this war.
    • Forecasting methods now commonly employed for this purpose rely on time-series approaches that generally ignore economic content.
    • What other methods can be employed by citizens to get the attention of the authorities?
    • High-resolution NMR techniques are now routinely employed to study the structure of complex macromolecules in solution.
    • Thus, predatory tactics are employed more frequently and across the board by large and small firms alike.
    • Gel filtration and dialysis are purification methods commonly employed for this purpose.
    • We need not look far for contemporary examples of blatant divisive methods employed by community leaders.
    • He was familiar with the tactics Joseph alleges were employed in this case.



  • 1

    to be in sb's employ or in the employ of sb trabajar para algn
    • to take sb into one's employ contratar a algn
    • This had to do with revealing that she was secretly in the employ of the Central Intelligence Agency, using a cover employer to disguise her affiliation.
    • If I could be a librarian I would be in the employ of the Balfour Library at my favourite museum in the world.
    • In June I was told that the helpful Mr Partridge had left the employ of the council.
    • But different rules apply now that he is in the employ of the Scottish Football Association.
    • It centres around a couple living in Stratord, Ontario who are both in the employ of the local Shakespeare festival.
    • She finally finds herself in the employ of a doctor and his pleasant wife, and moves into their luxurious London flat.
    • I also just happened across this piece claiming that Christopher Columbus' real name was Giovanni Griego, and he was a known pirate in the employ of the King of Portugal.
    • Thomas was ‘an industrious labourer’ and of ‘good character’, and worked in the employ of the local landowner.
    • Years of flying around the world as a fighter pilot in the employ of the United States Navy had accustomed the man to short sleeping hours.
    • Having finished his apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic, he had come to Australia in 1957 in the employ of the Commonwealth Government.
    • He was not in the employ of a British University.
    • Shortly after, my visitor, the one-time employee, left their employ.
    • His opening weeks in the employ of the Scottish Football Association have been gently turbulent.
    • However, there is a reason that people are leaving your employ.
    • My first and foremost function in his employ was as an instrument of fear.